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The road out

some rooms just aren't meant for two

street view Medillin - dinner time

i think this speaks for itself

cable car

from the metro

cable car

getting to work must be difficult

loved this it was outside a private house

taken through the cable car window - one of the new park...

My Sweet Jesus









Killian Komal and Craig










Craig and Jo

dinner on the street


near the top of the cable car










I guess it's a problem everywhere

Arrived in Medellin Colombia's 2nd largest city with over 5 million people to our nice little hostel only to be given the smallest twin room ever with a bunk bed that took up most of the room and just enough room on the side for our bags but no room for more than one person to stand at any one time!

All of the rooms were that small so couldn't even get an upgrade.

Sharing with Liz and fortunately we are both pretty quick and fairly tidy.

Medellin has a newish Metro and a good way to see the city was by hopping on and just going all the way for a whole dollar - at the end of the line both ends the Metro becomes a cable car - the first one goes to the top of a hill where for a couple o dollars you can change to another able car and go even further to an enormous national Park the whole trip took about an hour we didn't stay at the park long as we had too much else to see and do. But later in the day Jo and I got back on the Metro and went to the other end where the cable car went over two mountains amazing.

i took Jo shopping to buy me a new bag - my poor thing had its second wheel broken in Brazil and I have spent the past few months dragging it instead of wheeling it not good and it has finally worn through to bare internal workings. Found a cheap one which I hope will last for the rest of the year and when I get into a place with some space hope to sort my luggage and send home all of my cooler clothes.

Headed back to the hostel and took the wrong road a quiet suburban street - walking along minding our own business when two youngish say 19 year old boys pulled up onto the sidewalk and the back one hopped off - I though he was going to either ask if we needed directions or chat up Jo but no he tried to grab her shoulder bag - she pulled it away from him and probably a silly thing to do but I went for him - and surprisingly he backed off - he hopped back on the back of the bike and I gave chase hoping to knock the bike over but they were too quick for me. so the oldie and the youngy of the trip were supreme - was very surprised that it ended as it id and can only suppose that they were apprentice bag snatchers.

Big night out with the owners of the hostel - took us to a Salsa club called "My Sweet Jesus" very surreal all the staff dressed up and the club adorned with anything and everything you could imagine. A great atmosphere - we were given bottle top shakers, flags to wave ... the drink of the night was rum or a local version of ouzo everyone dances either by their table or on their table or chair dam it I should have taken the opportunity to dance on the table myself but was happy just moving with the music and people watching - we left around midnight but K1 and k2 stayed till the end at 4am - luckily it was a late start the next day.

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