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Octagonal Buddha temple of Yuantong Si

Heavy handed warrior figure

Easy now

Anna reporting:

We have spent another day enjoying Kunnming in all its ultra modern consumer frenzied splendour. If I had the money I would be shipping a hell of a lot of stuff back to the UK for when we return. From what we can tell despite the presence of global giants there is still room for numerous eclectic boutique style shops which makes window shopping far more enjoyable than in the UK.

Spent the afternoon looking around a temple building and then lazed in Green Lake Park playing cards whilst locals busied themselves playing mahjong, flying enormous kites and line dancing... the list is endless.

Headed for home and impressed ourselves by ending up where we wanted to for once. Upon our return we were suprised to find Madeline, whom we had said goodbye as she left for her midday train still at the GH. Apparently she arrived at the Train station 10 minutes early to be told that she was too late. Government time is 5 minutes ahead of the rest of China and it is policy not to let anyone on the train within 3 minutes of its scheduled departure. This left our dear friend with 2 minutes to make it to the platform, the officials at the station would not even let her attempt this and then wanted an extra 20 dollars for a seat on the evening train. Madness.

Went out for dinner with Madeline once more and she introduced us to "Across the Bridge Noodles" a local speciality whereby noodles and thin strips of meat and veg are placed in a cauldron of boiling broth. By the time the broth has cooled enough to taste the contents are cooked through to perfection. An unusual and tasty but just enough room for some more fruit pancakes, now there's a surprise.

Day 52 complete

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