Rallye Med 2010 travel blog

Sunset in Marrakech

Marrakech at night

A new recruit for the band

Dinner at table number one.

Traditional Transport

Fresh Orange juice 25p

Market view hile drinking mint tea

Beautiful museum building


The square and souq in Marrakech are as colourful and full of life as ever. Our hotel is about 30 minutes walk away, but after a long drive of mostly motorway from Tangier it was good to stretch the legs there and back. We drank mint tea sitting on a terrace overlooking the snake charmers and orange juice stalls. After a short stroll through the old lanes of shops, we ate Tagine, aubergines and peppers at a Market stall in the square.

The drive today was along the motorway along the coast. We saw large yellow melons growing the fields of vividly red soil. There were patches of irrigation and crops. In between the herdsmen were in the fields with sheeo, cattle goats and horses. The villages were largely of red mud. The cities of Rabat and Casablanca that we skirted are white but with many modern buildings.


We have had a frustrating day with taxis but are learning how to deal with them. Aleays say that you are meeting friends at your destination so that they will not tell you that everything is shut there and they will take you to their brother's shop instead. ....and announce what you are going to pay in advance. We managed to get to the souk where we negotiated and paid far too much for a bag (C), a belt and a pair of slippers (R). Lunch was in an even more questionable place than last night but the bread was hot and the meat frshly cooked and piping hot. We visited a number of small museums which showed us two beautiful buildings and how the water and irrigation system built in the twelfth century functioned.

We have decided to eat in a civilised place tonight!

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