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After the theft and violation of our kit and beloved third snapper, we went to Mendoza and Cafataye, Argentina’s capital wine making regions. We´re still quite bummed about the whole business but we keep bumping into people who it’s also happened to, but that doesn´t really make much difference. Some people, however, have lost all their photographs, passports etc, but the secret is to try and stay positive and optimistic and not view every single person you meet as a potential bandit who needs to be punished exquisitely´. You can´t help but get a bit more paranoid and this does in turn take the edge of your enjoyment of a place, but I suppose it is all part of the twisted fairground ride they call fun. I should point out at this point that I also managed to pick up another camera, and that this really needs to be the last as it is getting very expensive!!

The wine here is ridiculously cheap and we have been buying up bottles of the stuff for pennies and it is very delicious. We spent quite a bit of time doing wine tours and visiting various wineries. Some of the tours have been solely in Spanish and at a level that is above our comprehension, but is has not altered our ability to appreciate the red beauty. We´ve had a bit of white but it´s so much harder to stay cooled, and failure to do so would be uncouth indeed.

Some of the scenery around Cafatay has been really amazing. The Andes have been looming over us and in places the sky is so blue and clear it is quite mesmerizing. Hopefully, this is a taste of the scenery to come as we climb higher in to the Andes.

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