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The state capital building in Augusta

Up inside the dome

Looking out from the state building front balcony across the beautiful park...

Fall colour in the park - note the leaves which have fallen...

And at Portland (Maine) - a huge old Italianate mansion now a...

Portland sidewalks - you have to look down while you're walking!

The waterfront area (near our latest lobster supplier)

Another unheard of cruise ship - the Aida Aura

Old buildings, old streets in Portland old downtown area

Portland Head Lighthouse

Fort William remains by the lighthouse - active from 1878 - 1964

The lighthouse opposite Portland Head - just as the sun was setting

We left Bangor and drove to Augusta the state capital - saw lots of old houses, lots of beautiful hillsides ... At Augusta we parked at the side of their big park along the river, and walked across to the state capital building. There we were allowed to wander wherever we pleased, so we did. Saw lots of old paintings, and old battle regiment flags, and into logs of department offices (like any other government office!) ... We did enjoy going out on the big balcony over the front entrance, and looking over the park across the road. We also walked around the park for a bit, then got back into our home on wheels and headed to Portland, one of Maine's major seaports. After spending quite a while finding a parking spot, we finally parked near the fishing wharves, and walked up to the Victorian Mansion (see picture) for a very expensive tour. Then we walked back to beside the motorhome, where there just happened to be a big fresh fish market. We bought some soft-shelled lobsters, which taste the same but have much smaller meat in the claws we discovered, but which were less than $4.00 a pound! (We had lobster for dinner tonight and I shelled the rest of the meat and put it in the freezer for another day.) We also bought several more pounds of fresh scallops and froze them as well. We then walked around the old harbor-front area, saw some more cruise ships at the docks (again explaining why the streets were so full of tourists), then drove across the bay bridge to Fort William Park, where there were both remains of a civil war to WWII fortification, and guess what - a big lighthouse (my favourites, obviously). We then had our GPS find us a Wal-Mart to spend the night at (and do some grocery shopping at as well.)

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