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Monastery near the entrance at Juwangsan National Park


Path to another monastery

Hidden away little monastery

Little monastery

Little monastery

Path to first waterfall

This rock purports to look like a face...

View back down the path from above first waterfall, note wasp's nest,...

So here I am back in Seoul for the fourth time, and there's probably two more visits to go. I'm back in my same old friendly but run-down love motel on the edge of Insa-Dong, having finally decided I don't want to stay in the one that's nearer Insa-Dong, as they want me to pay hourly rate over the whole stay! I probably lost some face by looking annoyed at this, but who cares. I am quite tired, its been a long day, and I'm getting a bit worn out by being on the move all the time, and fed up of grazing patterns of eating. Hopefully I can have a nice posh sit down meal in Insa-Dong tomorrow night before I shoot off back down south again to try and 'finish' what I was doing there, presuming I'm not at the centre of some diplomatic incident and languishing in a North Korean jail. One nice thing about Korea compared to Japan is that it seems about half the price for everything, so I can afford to eat out in nice places.

This morning I went to Juwangsan National Park. It was a hectic start to the day as there was only one bus I could catch, and when I was checking out there was no-one in reception to talk to about looking after my rucksack for me while I went off hiking. As time went on I started scouring all the floors of the hotel until I eventaully found a cleaner on the ninth floor, and just made the bus with a minute to spare. Juwangsan seems different from all the other Parks, almost European in that it is a lot about deep narrow gorges, not what I think of as typical Korean (or Japanese) scenery. It was very nice but there appeared to be something on and there were literally thousands of people there, which sort of ruined it as it was all very hectic and crowded and shovey, not how I like my countryside. If I'd had more time I would have headed up onto the ridges for the views and to avoid the worst of the crowds, but I didn't want to get into Seoul too late, so called it a day.

And so then back to Andong to pick up my rucksack and a bus to Seoul, yet again. I am beginning to feel very at home here, and was really pleased to be back amongst bright city lights, etc.

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