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Gondola rides through the canals

Hiro getting lost

then he decided to have break with a glass of wine

colour of the canal water

Venetian sweets

Venetian Carnevale masks

the beautiful main canal

another great spot

Grand canal

Our final destination in Italy is the beautiful city of water, Venice. We were lucky to book accommodation close to the railway station as it would have been hard to walk with our heavy backpacks trying to find a hotel in this maze of a city.

Everyone gets lost in Venice. How can you not in a city built on 117 islands with 150 odd canals and 400 bridges. We spent two days here just walking around getting lost among the little alleys, across tiny bridges and many dead ends. However it was again fun to be lost in this beautiful city. We’ve come across many charming cafes and shops while being lost. Many shops sell carnival masks here as Venice is famous for its Carnival where everyone dresses up in beautiful masks. We also saw lots of shops selling Murano glass and jewellery, colours on these Murano glass products are just amazing.

Another famous thing for Venice is the gondola rides through canals but for 150 Euro (almost AU$300!!) for 45 minutes it was easy to decline. We found some tourist activities and restaurants in Italy are just rip-offs and quite disappointing. Anyway you don’t have to ride expensive gondola to enjoy this beautiful city if you have legs to walk with. It was so lovely wandering around taking many pictures of all the buildings and bridges.

As mentioned before a quite few restaurants in Italy have been rather disappointing as Italian food was one of the things we were looking forward to enjoying. On our very last night in Italy, we walked a lot to find a cosy local restaurant on a tiny alley that doesn’t offer tourist menu or outside seatings. It was the best!! Hiro had prawn pasta, Lexi had grilled cuttlefish. It was so delicious. We also enjoyed Tiramisu for desert. We were so glad to finally experience a really nice meal on our last night.

As much as we love Italian food we are now looking for a change, we were amazed that it is actually so difficult to find food other than Italian. There aren’t many other cuisines available here on offer. We had found a couple of Chinese restaurants and kebab shops but that’s about it. I feel very lucky in Australia that we have many choices for multicultural foods!

Now we are taking an overnight train to Munich, Germany!

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