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I've gotta luvely buncha coconuts!!

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Em finally neck!


After waking up in our Presidential Suite to our free Fruit and Artichoke tea brecko we were very optimistic and the Indian cloud that had hung over our heads for the past week seem to have already dispersed!

Javier the Hostel manager man is really friendly and informative, nearly psychotically so! We're still trying to work out if he IS that nice or if this is just a game he plays with his victims when he first meets them!!! (India has made us REALLY cynical man!!!)

He told us where to go, in the nicest way, so we heeded his advise and got a cab over to the ciy centre.

Our hostel is about 10-15 mins away which again is very refreshing as it's lovely and peaceful at night, but also the cabs cost about 50k Dong which is only about GBP1.50 and it's on a meter so no haggling either!!!

We went to the main post office to post some stuff home we had bought in Hong Kong which turned out to be pleasantly easy AND cheap (it's not going to get home is it!?!?!), saw the Notre Dame church and then took a wander down Dong Khoi road to the Saigon River.

As advised by Javier we got a bite to eat at the Majestic Hotel's 5th Floor restaurant as it had cool views over the Saigon River. To be honest the river wasn't up to much but it was a good view of it anyway!

We wandered about a bit more after this and then headed back to the Hostel.

We crashed out a bit and then woke up about 9pm ish to update the website and get something to eat.

Javier and his wife offered us some crazy chinese fruit thing (which looked like a medieval torcher implement) which was slimey, tasted like cheese, and stunk like poo!!!

Em gave that little beauty a miss so I had to have some as not to completey offend!

By the time we got out for some food the restaurants near by had closed so we ended up buying some 'Moon Pie' things off of a street dude and we didn't, and still don't, know what they were or what was in them!

We think we found an egg in it though.

So they got binned and we went to bed hungry.


But still loving Vietnam though!



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