2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

Isaac and Hayden

the Bemis family

the Bemis family with me and Gma

Lizie, Grace and Hayden

Grace and Hayden coloring

with Aunt Madolyn and Gma looking on

view of New York Bay from Staten Island

the Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn

the old fort with Manhattan in the distance

the Staten Island Ferry

lower Manhattan from Staten Island

the Statue of Liberty behind the ship in the distance

the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

tankers waiting for the price of oil to rise

the old fort provided a lot of protection in it's day

Madolyn and her mom - defending New York Harbor

Baby and the Bridge

the big picture

Bayonne Bridge westbound

back in New Jersey

A grand view of New York Bay - Sunday, June 22

Sunday morning we all went out to brunch. Aaron and Lizie don’t get a lot of chance to go out to breakfast with the kids, so it’s a treat for them. We went to a nice restaurant that specialized in Greek food. Grace and Hayden were going to share an order of dollar pancakes, but when the waiter brought the plate there must have been twenty pancakes on it. I figured they would never get through them, but by the time they were finished there wasn’t enough left to feed a canary!

Not having seen Hayden in over two years it was so great to see him walking and talking and feeding himself. He drew on his place mat with the other kids, and he is so alert and expressive that you just know he isn’t missing a thing.

Grace decided to draw her pancakes, complete with a square of butter and a swirl of syrup, and her napkin and knife and fork. She is quite the little artist. Aaron and Lizie are so good with the kids. They are a lovely little family.

It seems we always get our pictures of the Bemis family in a restaurant having breakfast, but it will be interesting to compare these with the ones we took in Astoria a couple years ago, when Hayden was still in a carrier and was so frail. It’s so much fun to see him so active and interactive now. Aaron cracked me up by telling me about Hayden’s speech therapists. He said they all have accents! One is Japanese, and one is Guatemalan or something. One they let go was from New York and Jersey and so when Hayden says ‘more’ it comes out in a good New York ‘mo-a’.

We returned to the house and did some chores before leaving. Madolyn wanted to restring a broken window shade while she had a good place to work on it. I wanted to recharge the computer and figured I could work on the trip log while all that was going on. We worked until after 2:00, and when we finally said our ‘goodbyes’ it was late in the afternoon.

Before leaving Staten Island we returned to the overlook Aaron showed us yesterday, and to the National Park Service Museum. The museum is in an old fort called Fort Wadsworth and is very nicely done, and the overview of New York Bay and the narrows is stunning. Today was a little hazier than yesterday, so the view of Manhattan wasn’t as clear, but it was still fantastic. The Verrazano Bridge is not supposed to be photographed up close, but distance shots by amateurs seem to be OK. It is a beautiful bridge that reminds me a little of the Golden Gate, but more of the Mackinac Bridge.

We finally tore ourselves away from the view and plugged ‘Staples’ into Lucy. She did a creditable job of finding us the store on Staten Island, and we had an easy park and were able to run our errands quickly. Then it was back to Jersey City via the Bayonne Bridge, only this time they didn’t charge us, so I guess the $16.00 we paid yesterday was only half as bad as I’d thought.

On the way home we drove through Liberty Park, where we’re going on Tuesday to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Tomorrow we’re going back to Manhattan Island for a city tour by bus. The bus will pick us up at the campground which is nice. As we neared the marina the sky opened up in a heavy thunderstorm, and by the time we got to the campground it was half flooded. Someone had taken our space despite a chair and a sign we’d left out, but the space next to it was open and that space wasn’t flooded, so it actually turned out for the best.

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