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Pierre and John Try to hold in their stomachs

July 19

Awaking to rain one more time, I used the time to scout for a motel on Streets and Trips near Pierre and Suzanne Denis's house on the south shore of Montreal and located one just a few blocks away. We packed up and headed out on what serves as the TransCanada Highway on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River with pouring rain all the way. The motorcyclists continued to soldier on in the driving downpour, risking life and limb under various creative forms of rain gear.

I don't know how it happened, but in spite of French-only traffic signs and unfamiliar territory, I drove right to the entrance of the Motel Rideau. What with the rain and the age and general condition of the motel, we were reminded of our arrival in Tulsa. I called Pierre and he arrived to pick us up within a half hour. He arrived in Blue's twin, Big Grey, a Honda Odyssey with an interior exactly matching Blue's. Not surprisingly, he looked even younger after 2 years of retirement and it was certainly obvious he and I have nurtured the same mature build.

Suzanne greeted us at the door of their beautiful home and we were startled by the similarities with the entrance and general layout of our own home. With pre-dinner cocktails accompanied by lots of laughs and reminiscing, the 7 years since our last meeting quickly melted away. Although Brenda and Suzanne had only met in a couple of brief encounters, they totally hit it off with similar interests and sense of humour (mostly directed at their spouses). We had a lovely gourmet dinner in the recently added sunroom off their pool patio.

Over dessert and port, I got the brain wave to phone Kurt and Heather, who had also enjoyed their association with Pierre and Suzanne. In spite of the poor cellular connection, Pierre was able to surprise Kurt with a few minutes of reminiscing before the call dropped off. Regrettably, the evening had to end and around midnight Pierre returned us to our motel. We took our leave with assurances we would get together again, sooner than 7 years we hoped. We continue to have wonderful memories of a really great night.

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