Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Diane and me on the boat

the island of Capri

a nice yacht


row boat and enterance to the blue grotto

the glowing waters inside the cave

it was so cool to be in there

the ceiling of the cave

cool pic

cool looking cave

another cool cave

how cool are the taxi's on Capri??

more of the town

gorgeous scenery

Caught a ferry over to Capri. It only took about 20 minutes. Got off the ferry and decided to go out to the blue grotto first. You have to catch another boat out there. So we hopped on the boat and headed out there. Once out there you have to get into a rowboat. The hole to get into the grotto is tiny which is why we get in rowboats. We all have to lie down as we go through so we don't knock our heads off.

Inside the grotto is amazing. The water is glowing blue because of the wa the sun is shining in. It's so amazing. The rowboat driver starts serenading you inside the cave. It ws really fun. Coming out of the grotto we had to do lie back down.

Headed back to the port of Capri and then we walked out to a beach. It was a rockey beach but still a beach. Went for a swim. I got out of the water pretty quickly once Kaley spotted a jelly fish. We dried off inthe sun and worked on our tans until the sun was behind the hill. Caught the ferry back to Sorrento.

That night we made our own dinner and I decided to head down to Sicily with Kaley and Dianne the next day.

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