Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Decided to catch the overnight bus to the Argentinean-Bolivian border so that we could maximise our chances of catching a bus on the Bolivian side as they only operated 3 times a day and only if the day contained the letter x. Despite our concerns with the border crossing we breezed through with no problems. So we didn't have to use our rehearsed phrases of - I have no money to give to you as a bribe or let me speak to the British Consol.

Bumped into 2 English speaking girls (one English the other American) on the way to catch the bus to Tupiza, quite lucky really as they also spoke Spanish and managed to get us on the bus with them fairly quickly. Paul was desperate for the loo but there were no toilets in the bus station and none on the bus. He had to last the 3 hour, extremely bumpy bus ride before relief was found. The Bolivian roads are a sight to be seen - we'll never complain about English roads ever again! They are unsealed dirt tracks that cross riverbeds without the use of a bridge.

The one bridge we did go over actually went down into the river and back up, rather than just going over it!

We were hustled into a Hostelling international hostel and after inspection we decided to stay there as it was probably the cleanest hostel we've stayed in to date. Booked a 3.5 day trip to the Salt flats with the hostel before venturing into the streets to find dinner and attempt to get money from the bank - they don't have ATM's in Tupiza - think it's just a tourist scam so the bank can charge commission for extracting your own money.

Tupiza is a relatively small dirt town reminiscent of the Wild West and it was close to here that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid met their makers.

Had our first Almuerzo (set lunch) that the locals are really keen on, we weren't particularly taken with the fare but it was good for 75 pence each. It consisted if corn on the cob starter, bowl of brothy soup, chorizo sausage and salad, and finally some fruit.

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