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We took a late bus from Dubrovnik to another UNESCO World Herritage site in Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes National Park. We got there after a ride that afforded very little sleep (the answer to my question I had tried to ask the bus information guy was the ride was 9 hours and included two border crossings and a full 15 minutes in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Michelle), but of some spectacular views of a bush fire above the road. Even this smaller fire looked fierce. Anyway, we got there before opening and ended up talking with an American girl who came with the same bus. She just finished over 2 years in Georgia with the Peace Corps, teaching English there. She had a million stories and one more. Only one is what she said to the frequent question whether Georgia is more like Europe than Asia. She said that the not at all unusual practice how young girls end up being married in the countryside there is an example how far they are from Europe. Often girls, age 17 or so are kidnapped, only to be released when their reputation is destroyed sufficienty that they see the only possible way to mend it is by marrying their kidnapper.

The lakes are green and blue, surrounded by green hills. They were formed as the plants living in a small river were turned into dams as the minerals in the water precipitated on them transforming them into stone. So now instead of having a river freely flowing, it is broken up into a number of lakes, connected by smaller or larger waterfalls. Millions of fish in the water. The fact that the area was used in some successful spagetti westerns also ads to its fame. It was very pretty, although we never saw the colors in their full since it was a cloudy day. By the afternoon we saw much of the park and meanwhile the typical huge crowd also showed up, so we and the American girl hopped on a bus to move on to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and just in time to avoid the rain that started to pour.

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