It was a short walk to see the first petroglyphs...



Next we drove through the canyon to the picnic area before walking...

Canyon view..

Canyon view..

Canyon view..

Our next stop for our picnic..

The perfect picnic spot...


We enjoyed our Garlic Chicken Pasta..


Our next trail..

This one was a bit harder to read..they need a new one.....


It was a cool place to visit..

More petroglyphs..

These were much harder to see..


Trail back to the car..

Deer on the way back home..

Back in Maybell, we love this little town..

We stopped for gas is a cool store...


Last one, the Victory Hotel in Maybell...

Today we packed a picnic and headed to the Irish Canyon near the tiny town of Maybell. This is a beautiful canyon that has several trails to walk to view Native American petroglyphs complete with interpretive signs. Some of the signs are really worn but you can still read enough to understand. :-)

They also have a nice campground, we parked in one of the sites for our picnic before walking the trails. The sites are for tents or very small campers only.

If you read the history books, you will learn that Butch Cassidy was the groundbreaker on the Outlaw Trail, which was a small path that lead from Mexico up through Utah and ended in Montana. Along the way, there were many hideouts and ranches that would hire outlaws as ranch hands. However, what you will find in history books is that there was also a trail that leads through Colorado. One popular hideout for not only Butch Cassidy, but also infamous outlaws such as Isom Dart and Matt Warner was the one in Irish Canyon.

It is believed that $30,000 in silver coins was buried somewhere in Irish Canyon by Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, however, no one has found the spot and there is only word of mouth to find the buried treasure. I would LOVE to be the one who found the stash. :-)

Irish Canyon is a relatively small, remote and highly scenic canyon. We enjoyed viewing this beautiful area as well as learning a lot about the history of the area. We also enjoyed exploring the tiny town of Maybell. Check back later for more from our Colorado adventures.

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