The "out" house...:-)

A cool rabbit hanging around outside..

The famous Stop Light...:-)




My favorite was the jail..:-)











Last one, we spotted a few antelope on the drive back to...

This update covers part two of our visit to Baggs, Wyoming. Be sure to see the other update from yesterday's post covering the Gaddis Mathews House, which still stands in the center of town. It was known as a hang-out for Butch and his gang. :-)

Today’s update covers Baggs City Hall, the jail and more. One item of real interest was the Baggs Stop Light. Quote from website: “It was in the mid fifties when we had the light and Jack Stanton was the Town Marshall. Jack was Eddie Woodward's grandfather. Jack Stanton was a long time law enforcement official in the county, working many years in Sinclair. The light was at the El Rio (old Sweet Shop) and Curt Lau big building crossing of 789. That would be North Street and Penland. (per Jake & Linda Fleming)

More on the Old Stop Light. It was up for a very short time, probably less than a year, and maybe only about 6 months. A lot of people complained about having to stop for a stop light in "Baggs". As I remember it, about February or March, some men with a real high load of hay on a flat bed truck came through town, the hay snagged the cable suspending the Light and tore it down. The Old Stop Light was never put back up. At the time some one said "I wonder if that was really an accident?" (from Arven Lowe) End of Quote.

We especially loved the jail, they had a fake man lying in the bed that really made me jump until I saw he was not real. :-) It was a cool place to visit, we hope you enjoy all the pictures. Check back later for more from our Wyoming adventures.

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