View from the top looking down at the road we are about...

One more view from the top...:-)


This part of the park is in Utah...


We had a little rain, but not enough to make us stop..

Looking back at the road where we came from...

The best shot I could get of this elk, he was running...


Looking back from where we came again...awesome!


Looking at where we are heading...:-)

We had a lot of curves in the road...

Arriving in the Sand Canyon area...



Massive mountains..




Four miles to go..:-)


The colors changed totally ...

Almost there but the road is getting really bad...

This one made me want to turn around and go back..:-)

We made it without any trouble..

It got really green the closer we got to the water..

We could see a lot of petroglyphs on the huge rocks..





We stopped and watched two longhorn sheep for a bit...awesome!

Almost there, we had to walk the rest of the way, no...

Finally we made it, Steamboat Rock in the background!

You can see where the Yampa River runs into the Green River... Echo Park...

The grass was soooo green it was unreal..

Time to drive back...:-)

A primitive campground in the area...

Water too, but no bathing allowed..:-)

We stopped at the Whispering Cave on the way back..

It was too dark to go in for me...:-)

Our last stop on the way back ....

It was a short walk to see them..

We had to look up about 35 feet to see them..


One of the best pics I could get..



A small cabin we saw on the drive back...

Back home, a Bullock's Oriole at our hummingbird feeder...

Last one!

Jerry and I have been on a LOT of scenic drives that were outstanding. This one ranks right up in the top ten. It was incredible! Take a look at the first picture which shows the road we drove below. It is a 13 mile canyon drive that ends at Steamboat Rock where the Green and Yampa Rivers converge.

Echo Park is located in the heart of Dinosaur's canyon country. Here, the Yampa River flows into the Green River, which winds around the massive feature known as Steamboat Rock. The meeting of the two rivers along with nearby geologic faults created some of the monument's most dramatic scenery.

We were amazed at how fresh the air was and how green the grass was when we arrived. This area is pollution free. They have a primitive campground in the area that advertises A spectacular display of stars at night. The night sky is so visible due to the lack of any light pollution from nearby towns and cities. This park was like going into paradise where everything was totally unspoiled.

It was quite a job to get to this paradise. :-) The road had several areas where I was ready to turn around because of the water overflowing the small bridges, but Jerry checked them out and said they were okay so we continued. I am glad we did now.

Echo Park is located 38 miles from the Canyon Visitor Center which is near Dinosaur, Colorado. The first 25 miles are on the paved Harpers Corner Road. The last 13 miles requires driving on unpaved roads. These roads are impassable when wet and are recommended for high clearance vehicles only. Right after you leave the Harpers Corner Road, you will descend quickly down several switchbacks.

Some interesting areas on the drive were lots of Native American Fremont petroglyphs, some were as high up as 35 feet. We wondered how on earth they got high enough to reach the rocks. We read the area used to be much higher thousands of years ago and the rivers had worn it down to the height it is now. They had markers showing you where to look to see them, it was fascinating to see.

We also passed a huge cave that was outstanding. It was used to cool off in hot weather and is called “Whispering Cave" because the wind blows and makes it sound like someone is whispering. This was a spectacular drive and not to be missed if you are in the area. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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