Old Historic Ranch ...


Jerry checking out the old chuck wagon..







View of the one across the street...

Last one!

Jerry and I were totally surprised to see a old ranch while driving one of the scenic roads in Dinosaur National Monument. The first thing we noticed was a old chuck wagon parked in the yard. We stopped to explore and found signs with all the information. You never know what you will find while out exploring in the wilderness. :-)

Below is a paste of information I found about the place.

The Rial Chew Ranch Historic District comprises a ranching operation in what is now Dinosaur National Monument in northwestern Colorado, that existed from 1900 to 1949. The Rial Chew family established the ranch in 1900, operating it as a park inholding after the national monument was established in 1919. The district includes a house, a cabin, root cellar, corrals and several storage buildings. The cabin may have been built at Blue Mountain by Harry Chew, and moved to the present site by Jack Chew, Rial's father. The ranch was occupied by the Chew family until their special use permit expired in the early 1970s. End of Paste

We enjoyed exploring the old cabins and corrals. We didn’t go into the house across the street, we were not sure if it was occupied or not. It was a fun stop and we enjoyed seeing this old historic ranch. One can only imagine how hard it must have been to live without electricity and all the gadgets we have today. It was certainly a beautiful area for a home. Check back later for more, we have plans to see several more places in Dinosaur National Monument.

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