The Beginning travel blog

The view from our first rest area

Bijoux Falls

This is the full view

View behind us

Another stop on the way

Bill said he would buy me that little island on the right

Entrance to Dawson Creek

The official Milepost 0

I love what Canada does with there grain elevators

Part of the museum at the visitors center

Today has been a very exciting day for us. Our drive from Prince George to Dawson Creek was only about 250 miles but we took our time and made a lot of stops along the way.

When we left we were in a forest. So many of the trees were dead. It made for beautiful colors because of all the shades of green and then the rusty color of the dead pines. This is natures way of taking care of the forest and the Mountain Pine Beetles have been killing off the trees. A good part of British Columbia has this happening right now. The area that is affected or infected is about the size of New Brunswick. Sad to see but necessary.

Next stop was at a Provincial Park. (same as US State parks) This one was Bijoux Falls. Again, the pictures will show you what we enjoyed. The one thing I couldn't get a picture of was the Steller Jays that live in the park. We did see some ant the color they were was just awesome. Such a beautiful shade of blue.

It took us about 50 miles out of Prince George to see our first bear but just before we saw it we spied two moose wading in the river. We were so busy watching them that we almost hit two deer along the road. Right behind the deer was a cayote. Now this was all within a two mile area. This was pretty exciting for us but I didn't have time to even think about my camera. About 40 miles later we came across another black bear grazing along the road. It was my perfect opportunity for a picture because it was no more than ten feet from me but again, I couldn't get my camera set in time and Bill could not pull over. We watched in the rear view mirror while he/she crossed the highway. After living in Duluth, Minnesota for more than 50 years, you wouldn't think this would thrill me but it did. I also saw a animal on the side of the road but couldn't reconize it. It was smallish like a racoon but was black and rust color. I have no idea.

When we arrived in Dawson Creek we were very surprised. I don't know what we thought it would be but it was very much like Northern Minnesota. The campgrounds were very full because of a lot of work on the pipelines right now. Most of the campgrounds are booked for the entire season. We did find one that had room for large rv's. They are under construction so it is a mess but once we got in our site, it was just what we needed. We parked and went downtown to the Visitors Center. The rest you can see in our photos.

We had planned on staying here for 2 or 3 days but opted to go on tomorrow and find the perfect spot to laze for awhile. More when we can....................

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