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Since our podcast segment aired on Sunday Morning we have been having so much fun going through emails and Facebook requests as a result of our new found fame. One of the people who asked to join our FB is from Moscow, Russia. As you might expect much of his biographical information is in Cyrillic. Especially in light of all the Russian meddling we hear about these days with Facebook, it makes me wonder. Do Russians RV? Ken tells me that the podcast download rate increased ten-fold and even here on my blog the readership quintupled. This really surprised me since we didn't even mention it and people have to find the link at the bottom of the RV Navigator webpage to get here.

On a far less positive note, the alternator repair we had the day of filming is still not really repaired. As we drove back here from Tampa, it came on and off rather than generating current constantly. In an all-electric coach, this would have eventually shut us down enroute if we had farther to go. We'r glad be have new, fresh batteries purchased last winter. The on-site repairman here returned for a look and feels that there is a problem with the rebuilt alternator. It needs to be taken out again and rebuilt again. So that's how we will be spending next Tuesday. Fortunately, they agreed with us that any additional fees will be on them. Another alarm setting day.

We spent a lovely morning in Orlando rendezvousing with our niece who flew into town to work at her company's booth in the convention center. It is great to see her doing so well at her job. With her energy and intelligence she will be the CEO of her company some day (we're not in the least bit biased!) She wanted to go to Epcot and we were game, but she didn't have enough time before her flight home, so we headed to Disney Springs. It gave us that Disney feeling, but there was no admission or parking fee. This area has changed a great deal over the years. It used to be more of a night spot that did charge an entry fee to wander between night clubs and restaurants. Those are still there, but for a morning visit with a young mom we spent most of our time shopping at Lego, Disney character stores and at candy shops. Since we live far apart, it is always a treat to have a little time together.

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