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Sri Mariamman Temple by night

Could this be Kali? Not too sure though...

Street in Little India, Penang, by night

People closing their doors and shops

Kuan Yin Teng tempel

Inside the Kuan Yin Teng tempel

In the courtyard


Old chap having a cigar in the hostel

Chinese tempel

The train from 1977 going on Penang Hill. By Cables..

Viper snake...

Buddhist Tempel

Cool seiling in the entrance

Flower with Georgetown in the backgound. Malaysia's second largest city


Kek Lok Si Temple. Largest Buddhist tempel in Malaysia

Some of Kek Lok Si

Some of Kek Lok Si

Very close-up of a pillar near a huge Buddha statue

One the many Buddha statues in Kek Lok Si temple

Tempel Courtyard with yet another Buddha statue in the center

Bad lighting on this photo, but cool corner of the temple

Looking up

Writing cut into the rock

Golden roof

Funny one

Any Hobbits home?

Statue with reflection

Light and shade

Have a smoke

Oil lamp reflections

Buddha with fake nitro smoke.. Typical bad Chinese taste

Massive Buddha statue

Another big statue

James Bond's house maybe? It's the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Carlsberg Sunset, oh my god I miss home!

Second from left is... Pheebe

Musilm speaker tower?



It sounds like some place in Thailand, but it's not. It's a small island in the top west corner of Malaysia. It's very hot even at night it's almost 30-32 degrees.. My body is not made for this!!

Here in George Town which is actually the second largest city in Malaysia, there's lots to see. I have visited the largest Buddhist Temple in Malaysia, and I assure you it's big. It took several hours to NOT see it all, very impressive. I really like those smoking sticks they use, it creates such a nice atmosphere.

Other things I have seen... Hmmm.. Oh yes, Penang Hill. It's really a small mountain at about 800 meters above sea level, and supposed to be a bit cooler up there, but I didn't feel any different.. Saw a Viper snake though, and another Temple, so that was cool.

I'm staying at 75 Travellers Lodge, and the owner Mr. Low is really cool and extremely friendly :-)

Penang is mostly known for awesome food, and I must say I've had some interesting experiences.

Tomorrow I'm going to Thailand, at last, and first stop will be Phuket.. Some of you may remember the Tsunami in 2004, but I've heard it should be more or less completely rebuild. Besides the only way to help is to put money in the place.

That's all for now, be SURE to check out at least SOME of ALL the very NICE photos in this entry, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a message if you like what you see. If not leave a message anyway and tell me WHY! :-)



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