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Entrance to the apartment!

West Lake with the sunbrella up!

He Feng street

Queueing for tickets... Again!

Hangzhou bought us the first Airbnb of China, as we approached the apartment block we definitely had our fingers crossed it looked better on the inside. The gate opened onto a concrete dark stair case which did not look very inviting, as the door opened we breathed a sigh of relief as we entered the modern apartment.

We decided to make the most of our day here and decided to visit the West Lake. It was so hot as we walked to the station and as always the queues for tickets were long. We managed to have a walk around the near by shopping mall to cool off before getting to the lake.

The lake was beautiful a lot bigger than expected with pagoda's in then distance and lilly pads lining the shore. After having a little walk round we decided to go for dinner in a lovely restaurant we found in the shopping mall, then head down He Feng street. The street was full of people and shops selling all kinds of food and soverniers it was intreging to just walk down and take it all in.

On the way back we both agreed that we were not really enjoying China as much as we should be so made the decision we will have a few days in Shanghai and fly onto Hong Kong.

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