Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

In Lucerne they polish the traffic lights

Chris does enjoy feeding the swans and ducks.

Great schloss Hallwyl

This is how they heated the rooms of the castle boss

Following tractor, trailer and cow home

More rain so we decided on an inside/museum day. Nearby is this Schloss that looked good in the pamphlet. Had a great time and picnicked in the grounds. Lots of history, first built 800 years ago and lots of records/buildings left for us to look at. We got out in between showers and made it home in time to watch a bit of news. We got stuck behind a very slow tractor and trailer on the main road that held up a fair bit of traffic heading home after work. No worries we were due to turn off soon. Bother it turned off before us onto our road. So then we saw the cow in the back. Narrow roads so I thought he pulled over to let me pass. Bother, he was making way for someone coming in then opposite direction, and yes directly into my path. Lucky we have a small car and I was not completely asleep at the end of the day! Dumb idea to watch the news. Paris (we go in 3 days) is not looking good. Strikes, riots, 2 police killed by extremists, no garbage collected and the Eiffel tower closed. Hmmmmm.

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