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Tue, 14 Sep: Last drive of '16...

Horray, horray! Bob has been set free from the clutches of the Mayo Medicos. He had a check up yesterday (Mon) and was declared fit to travel. We elected to wait one more day just to be sure. Well, this morning he said he was ready to head back so back we headed.

Sandi did most of the heavy lifting as Bob is still restricted as to how much physical effort he is allowed. Not a big problem as we have both done every task needed around the RV so it isn't new or strange. By nine we had the car connected and were ready for the road so off we went—all of ½ mile to the dump station.

Once dumped and tidied up we rolled out of the Westworld gate right at 0930. It was a quick loop along the service road to Loop 101 south. Post rush traffic wasn't at all bad and we made good time. From Loop 101 to Loop 202 and then I 10 east toward Casa Grande. Exiting the interstate on Pinal Highway we arrived at the Good 2 Go service station about ten till eleven.

We added fuel stabilizer to the diesel tank and then put in 77.8 gallons of diesel. Once Bob dealt with the finances we started the generator to fill its fuel system with the treated fuel. Then 7¾ miles to RoVer's Roost where we added 19.2 gallons of propane before settling into our leased lot.

Sandi got the tire covers installed and then we dumped air out of the suspension bags before levelling the coach. Plug 'er in and get the air conditioners running as it was in the high 90s, cool for this part of the country but "damned hot" for us.

Today's run was 78 miles with a fuel economy of eight mpg.

Wed, 21 Sep: A busy, busy week.

The best news is that Bob continues to heal. Every day he feels better and better, which brings a smile to both our faces. We've had a busy week getting ready for our forthcoming cruise.

Last Thursday, 15 Sep, our two large (and heavy) bags were picked up by Federal Express. The next time we'll see them will be in our cabin aboard the ship. Because Bob can't handle heavy items we opted to pay for a luggage forwarding service. Thus far we've been favorably impressed, but the real test will be seeing the luggage in the cabin on the 26th.

Yesterday we picked up our rental car at the Hertz office in Casa Grande. We are a bit disappointed as we requested and American car but all they had in a full size was a Toyota. We'll see how that handles.

Tomorrow we'll finalize getting things ready to go and head out in the rental. Our Ford is parked next to the coach, fuel stabilizer in the tank, and the battery disconnected. The coach has a few more storage check list items but for the most part it is ready to go.

Sun, 25 Sep: We're ready to cruise!!!

This is being written from the Day's Inn Hotel in Bellevue Washington. We took four days to drive the 1,400 miles from Casa Grande to Bellevue, and for the most part it was a very enjoyable trip.

We took US 93 most of the way from Wickenburg (just north of Phoenix) to Twin Falls Idaho. US 93 is a lovely highway, and a great deal of it is thru absolutely nothing! At times the road was so straight that you could see "forever" and we were the only vehicle on the road.

We overnited in Las Vegas, Twin Falls, Kennewick Washington, and now Bellevue. Bob arranged for our hotels thru Expedia and we feel we got a good price. We're still trying to get our heads around the fact that the base price for a hotel is north of $100/nite. RVing isn't all that expesive when you factor in the cost of meals.

The only negative we would log for the trip was the uncomfortable car seats. We upgraded ourselves to a full size car hoping it would be comfortable. The Toyota we were given was not at all comfortable. We were also disappointed in the handling and overall driving experience. We'll stick with our "American Iron" thank you very much.

Tomorrow we'll drive the final dozen miles to the Hertz office in Seattle and Uber it from there to the cruise terminal. We'll board the ms Maasdam for a 29 day cruise to Sydney and stay aboard for a thirty day circumnavigation (counter clockwise) of Australia.

We'll spend two months in Australia before reboarding the Maasdam mid January for a return cruise to San Diego. This will be the last Journal entry till we return to our RVing life in late February 2017. Please check back in at that time.

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