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Birthday Honorees - Larry Seelke, Dan Boswell, Margaret Crow and Wes Spradley...

This morning I saw Dr. Fehrenkamp regarding my thyroid issue. He spent a lot of time asking questions and palpating my neck. He needs to get more information from my primary care physician and the labs that have done recent tests. Then I’m to see him again in six weeks, at which time he will decide whether to do a biopsy or not. The recent ultrasound showed a new nodule that wasn’t there when I had a thyroid ultrasound two years ago. I haven’t had any problems swallowing so I hope it is benign.

Tonight my church home group met for the first time since our summer break. Our leader, Wes, is back from his missions trip to South Africa, teaching some classes at the Union Bible Institute. He showed us some of the pictures he took while on that trip and talked about some of the changes since he last trip. It was particularly difficult for him this time because it was his first trip since his beloved Donnie’s death.

Since we didn’t meet in July or August, we celebrated birthdays for four members of our group tonight: Larry Seelke, Dan Boswell, Margaret Crow and Wes Spradley. Our hostess, Linda Seelke, made her wonderful jalapeño cheese pie and chocolate brownies for the occasion. I had not taken my Sony camera because I intended to use my Jitterbug phone. Once again I was thwarted by a battery issue; it didn’t have enough power to take even one photo. Aarrgghh!! Next time, the camera goes along.

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