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Ann Marie and Mary

left half of group

right half of kitchen band

the dulcimer group

Down On 6 performs their slaps

She's got the records

and lots of other things in there!

the oompah band

Sisters in Sync

some of the stick action

Bo and Deb perform well

line dancers

Carefree has a lot of talented women but no one signed up to perform when this event was called a talent show. Calling it a variety show produced 9 acts (there was going to be 10 but a member of a quartet got sick after the dress rehearsal last night) and all were very entertaining.

I didn't take any videos (stupid me!) but did try to get pictures of every act. Not many of them came out very well because of position, lighting, and movement, but at least there is something to see.

The Carefree Kitchen Band plays during the summer when most of us are gone, so we were lucky to be blessed with their performance of real oldie songs. They all had kazoos and one other instrument make up of something found in a kitchen! It came out very well!

I was part of the 8 member dulcimer group that played two songs. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" seems like a silly, simple song and we all played it once using only the melody string and going very slow - so slow you couldn't sing to it. But then we played it in 4 parts with 6 of us playing chords. It surprised everyone and we kept a good beat! Our second song was "Down In The Valley" and some of us inserted extra strums to make it interesting.

Joan Glass played 2 songs on the piano and she is excellent. Sorry to say that neither Terry nor I took a picture of her at the piano.

Next came the Down 6 group who sat in a row and slapped knees, hands, and feet in sync with each other. I hear they took this idea from something they saw on you tube.

Kathy Isenhour came out and sang the Patsy Cline song " She's Got You" and pulled out a picture of Cher's daughter/son from her breast. Then came a boa, a magnifying glass to see the class ring, 45 rpm records, panties, and even a golf club! It was hilarious and she sang well, also.

After intermission, the Oompah band came on and played a couple of polkas for us. They are appreciative that the tuba player, Connie, joined them this year.

After that, a group called Sisters In Sync came up on stage playing makeshift drums - 5 gallon plastic pails painted gold with leather glued to the bottoms. They were a great drum corps with clacking sticks and high steps!

Bo and Deb came back on stage to play their dulcimers. They played "Black Mountain Rag" which is a song I can play but not as fast as they do. They also played versions of Amazing Grace and the audience was moved enough to hum the song along with them.

The last act was a line dance to the song "What Does the Fox Say" and they were hilarious with their ears and fox tails and their antics!

Ann Marie and Mary Gay were our hostesses/MCs and they entertained the crowd with jokes between acts. It was a great night and people will be talking about it for a long time!

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