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Carpe's "bake" at the Yuma Escapees Cooperative
It was a toasty 94° F...

Interstate 8 between Casa Grande & Gila Bend

East of Gila Bend I 8 gets a bit hilly

Saguaro Cactii along Interstate 8

We stopped for lunch along I 8 east of Yuma

Foothills descend into Yuma

Escapees KOFA Cooperative south of Yuma

Sun, 12 Oct: Time to roll those wheels...

We plunked down in RoVer's Roost with an audible "thud". It felt pretty nice to be in our own spot and get the comfy chairs out of the shed and just "veg" for a bit. The concrete work we had done this spring was perfect and Carpe fit just fine.

We had a doctor's appointment to have the dermatologist take a look at a growth on Sandi's arm. He didn't like it any more than Sandi so he removed it & sent it on for biopsy. While he had the liquid nitrogen out he removed a dozen or so other "barnacles".

The rest was nice. but we still haven't resolved the problem with our fridge so we got in contact with a fellow in Yuma who specializes in the Amish cooling units. He is based in Yuma but doesn't do 175 mile house calls. So we have to take the "house" to him.

Thus, this morning we got Carpes ready for the road, paid for our electricity usage (a fairly sizable chunk due to lotsa a/c use). We rolled wheels at 0910 and were soon heading west on Interstate 8. I 8 is one of our very favorite roads in this part of the world as it is straight, smooth, and virtually deserted. Between Casa Grande and Gila Bend, about fifty miles, we encountered no more than a dozen vehicles.

We stopped at Gila Bend to top off the diesel tank. We added only thirty gallons, but the price is pretty good. A penny saved ...

Lunch stop at a rest stop east of Yuma and then down the hill into Yuma and then south about seven miles to the Escapees KOFA Cooperative. The office was closed, but the managers helped us get parked and we'll finish the paperwork in the morning.

We arrived at 1320 after 173 miles almost exclusively on I 8. Our fuel economy averaged about 8½ mpg with very little traffic and just a few puffs of wind to keep the driver on his/her toes. The temps were pretty toasty, with the mercury nudging 94° F. when we arrived.

We plan to spend three days here, departing Wednesday morning for west Phoenix. While we're here we will have Tim look at the fridge and see what is wrong. Thursday we have an appointment at the Freightliner Service facility in Tolleson for Carpe's annual chassis, engine, and generator service and inspection.

Mon, 13 Oct: Our fridge is fixed!!!

Last evening we decided to eat out and consulted Yelp for some restaurant suggestions. There are quite a few in town, guess the Marines like to eat off base. It had been a while since we'd had good Mexican food so we headed to highly rated Las Herraduras on South Fourth Avenue just south of the Post Office. The fish tacos were superb, as were the rest of our entrees.

This morning Tim Villella of Turbo RV Repair (661-231-5161) arrived right on schedule and gave our refrigerator a good going over. He checked the operation of both the electric and propane heating systems and did some adjusting of both. Upon closer inspection he noted that the burner shroud was not properly formed and was allowing heat from the propane burner to escape, which reduced its effectiveness. He did some sheet metal work and soon had the shroud fitting snugly.

Tim is a competent and skilled worker and we can highly recommend his services should you be in the Yuma area.

Tue, 14 Oct: A quick follow up. We ran the fridge on gas for 24 hours with the temps in the nineties. All was OK.

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