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Early this morning I went to Dr. Byrd’s office to have blood drawn for the tests he wants. While I was there he gave me the results of yesterday’s thyroid ultrasound. Both sides of the thyroid have nodules. The left side has some calcifications and the right side is mostly solid. Dr. Byrd referred me to Dr. Karen Stierman to have biopsies done. She is an ear, nose, throat and allergy specialist whose office is next door to Dr. Byrd’s. I made an appointment with her for Monday, September 9.

This morning Carolyn left Austin. She is going with Bonnie Dodd on about a month-long trip up north and northeast to visit friends and families and do other things. They are going in Bonnie’s motorhome since it is bigger and newer than Carolyn’s. Bonnie is sufficiently recovered from her heart-lung issues to travel but she’s not supposed to go alone. I hope there won’t be any health or mechanical crises while they’re gone.

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