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Buoy washed up on the beach

New River where it enters the Pacific

Sanderlings amid the rocks

Date: May 1, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Bullard’s Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon

Weather: sunny

Temperature: start 46º

High 54º

Wildlife count: Canada Geese, Sanderlings, Red-wing Blackbird, Western Gulls, Mourning Dove, Dunlin

We picked up Earl and Sandy and enjoyed breakfast together at the Minute Café. When we got back, we bought their Honda generator, which they no longer needed since they have a new RV. We are really excited, because it fits in our truck, and now we can travel without being tied to an electric cord!

The Orientation training for all volunteers was at 10 am, where we met all of the new volunteers, and celebrated greeting all of our old friends – it was lots of fun. We broke for lunch, and we met with the Plover hosts and shared the paperwork changes for this year.

After our lunch, we joined Michael and Diane at China Creek to orient them to the beach and the issues of the Plover host position. Since it was a sunny day and we didn’t have to watch China Creek, we donned our boots and crossed the creek. Leaving our boots on a log, we changed back into our shoes and walked down China Creek beach to New River – a round trip of over 5 miles. We saw lots of birds and found many agates – this is our favorite beach on the coast. New River was still flowing strong, and it would take waders to cross it. While we were enjoying the sunshine at the mouth of the river, the predatory ranger, Josh, came back from his run and crossed the river on his Ranger while we watched with baited breath. He made is safely across in 4 wheel drive. He shared about his family and we had a good visit.

Looking south, we saw a storm brewing, so we walked back a lot quicker, and were back before the rain came – just a brief shower that didn’t even make it up to Bullard’s Beach. When we got home, we relaxed with an ‘adult beverage’ and Pam T. came by to join us.

Dinner was left-over tri-tip, sautéed brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar, and corn. After a short walk after dinner, we rested for the evening.

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