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They say that it's a good idea to get about an hour of physical activity every day, so on the days when tennis, bike rides, or golf aren't on the agenda, I enjoy walking the campground. It takes about two hours to walk every street at a pace that feels brisk to me. About half of Tropic Star is really not a campground. These sites have mobile homes which probably rolled down the street at some time, but haven't gone anywhere lately. Some of the residents live here year round, but most of them come to escape winter as we have, and spend 4 - 6 months here.

It doesn't take many days in the warm for me to forget that it is winter and as I walk and admire the plantings around the mobile homes, my mind starts to go home to the little postage stamp of a yard we have and what I can grow there. My fingers itch to plant, prune, weed, mulch. But if I did live down here, I would have lots to learn. Especially when I look at the large cactus, which could easily have been growing here since the 1980's, I wonder if it takes more than benign neglect to keep them happy.

Many of the folks here had lives in agriculture up north before they retired and their fingers must itch, too. I was surprised to see a some cluster of raised vegetable gardens that someone has planted with lettuce, beans, onions, and other tiny green stuff starting to come up. They are going to offer some competition to the veggie man when he comes on Wednesdays.

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