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It was a cloudy, rainy drive

Interesting bridge over the Pamunky River, flowing into the York River

Huge log operation - mounds of wood chips on other side of...

Pappahannock River - huge rivers back here!

Doesn't look like the 4-lane highways we're used to!

Crossing the Potomac River into Maryland

Another new state for us

Home for a week - views from our windows into forest

Metro station

Guess where we are - Nat'l Air & Space Museum!



Early flight

Space age

Hubble telescope

Nat'l Museum of the American Indian - design reminds of cliff dwellings

Botanical Gardens & the Capitol


With friends Don & Louise

Library of Congress

U.S. Capitol - back & front

Proof that we were there - ha!

Louise with daughter Meredith & her friend

US Army Band "Pershing's Own" in concert in front of the Capitol

Washington Monument at sunset

Lincoln Memorial


Gettysburg Address

View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Monument

We had a very full day yesterday. We left the Williamsburg area in a drizzle & drove thru rain showers all the way to Maryland. By the time we were set in our site, we had mostly blue skies & sunshine.

We're spending 6 nites in the Louise F. Cosca Regional Park in Clinton, MD. Friends told us about this park that's very close to D.C. & reasonably priced - $13/nite is an unbelievably reasonable price for water/electric sites. It's a small camping area - only 25 sites - & there are only 3 or 4 sites that can accommodate bigger rv's but they say they're never full. We would recommend coming into the camping area to see if there's a site you can fit in & parking before checking in at the office across the street. They don't take reservations & you choose your own site from what's available when you get here. As we were trying to fit into a site we didn't fit into, Judi turned to wave a truck around us & when the truck pulled up next to us it turned out to be a neighbor of ours at the park in the Savannah area, Rodney. (We'd told them about this park but thought they'd be gone by now.) He took David to check out the available sites & decide which one we'd fit in. We had no problem at all getting into that site. This park is a little forest preserved in the middle of city (there are houses behind the trees at the back of the camping area) - really nice.

About 4:00 we headed into Washington, D.C. to meet friends Don & Louise Kepley who we hadn't seen for over 15 years (friends from church when we lived in Albququerque). There's a Metro station about 9 miles from the park & plenty of parking there. Luckily there was very helpful staff at the station to help us purchase our fare cards & get to the train level. It was a short 20 minute ride to the L'Enfant station near the National Mall. We were just a couple of blocks from the Nat'l Air & Space Museum & had some time before we were supposed to meet Don & Louise so we took a quick tour. Overwhelming - & that's just one museum! We walked from there to the Tortilla Coast restaurant where we met Don & Louise, their daughter Meredith & her friend. Good Mexican food & a great time reconnecting with Don & Louise! From there we all walked to the Capitol to enjoy a little of an Army Band concert. They took us to see the Lincoln Memorial after dark - awesome in the truest meaning of the word. And the view of the Washington Memorial from the Lincoln Memorial was wonderful, too.

We didn't have to ride the train back out - Don & Louise drove us out to pick up our car. The Metro station parking lots aren't labeled in any way that we saw & Don came to the station from a different direction. We drove in & out of 2 parking lots before we finally got to the one we were parked in! We're very thankful for their patience & generosity driving in & out of pay parking lots.

Yesterday was wonderful but we're taking today to recover. Need to get some laundry & grocery shopping done. We're planning to hit D.C. again on Monday. More later...

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