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Downtown Charlotte - Panther's stadium

Another view of downtown

We must be getting close to the Nascar speedway

Getting closer

There it is!

Hendrick is the owner of one of the BIG racing organizations

Home for 6 nites - not fancy but good location & the...

We got a fairly early start (9:20) considering that we were only going 109 miles. Rain was forecast for later today & the Sprint Cup race was postponed yesterday & was being run & broadcast around noon today so we wanted to get to Charlotte & get setup. We ran into a couple of rain showers on our way but nothing heavy.

We were all set up in time to watch the race & the rain didn't start until about 4:00. We've had some heavy rain but it comes & goes.

We stopped at a NC Welcome Center shortly after we entered the state & they had lots of information on the racing related things to see & do. Now we've got to decide what we're going to do & when. Lots more later...

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