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Carpe Diem relaxes at Rovers Roost
We'll be here for most of the...

Interstate 10 through Phoenix
Have we mentioned how much we DON'T like big...

Another view of I 10 in Phoenix
This is called the "stack"

The Casa Grande exit from I 10

Casa Grande City Limits

We topped off Carpe's tank for the winter
We also added diesel fuel...

Rovers Roost SKP Co-Op
Our winter "home" is located eight miles west of...

Empty spots at Rovers Roost
It'll fill up rapidly in a few...

Carpe shines after her first bath in months

After cleaning the coach we deserve a treat...
Note installed tire covers, a...

Carpe with desert sunset

Another view of an Arizona desert sunset

We won't be towing Dinkum, so off comes the towbar

Sandi gives Dinkum some TLC

Union Pacific Steam #844 visits Casa Grande

Union Pacific Steam #844 visits Casa Grande

Union Pacific Steam #844 visits Casa Grande

Union Pacific Steam #844 visits Casa Grande

Tue, 04 Oct: We didn't have to set our alarm, but the Tolleson Freightliner of Arizona dealership starts early. Since we were encamped in their courtesy RV parking area we were in the thick of it, so we didn't get to sleep in very late. Regardless, we did get to stay in bed for a while and didn't vacate our bed until we wanted to do so.

A relaxing breakfast and then we got Carpe ready for the road. Since our route would take us along I 10 in Phoenix we didn't want to play in the rush hour traffic too early. After hooking up the car we drove a few hundred yards to the Avondale Pilot to top off the diesel tank.

Despite our lazy pace we were underway at 0850 and still got a snootfull of rush hour traffic as we drove through western Phoenix on I 10. Once at the tunnel near Sky Harbor the traffic eased up and we tooled along toward Casa Grande. Once in town we stopped at a local fuel station to top off the tank. We also added diesel stabilizer so Carpe's fuel will stay fresh through her winter hibernation.

We arrived at the SKP Co-Op about 1030 after a total "trek" of seventy miles. Margo and Randy, the park's managers, got us checked in and made to feel very welcome. They put us on a nice 50-amp paved site not too far from the clubhouse. We'll be very comfortable here for the winter...

Wed, 05 Oct: What a wonderfully relaxing nite! Sandi was falling asleep in her easy chair at 2030 so she headed to bed. Bob wasn't far behind. The weather cooled down and a passing rainstorm made our bed seem even cozier. We both relaxed knowing we were "home" for the winter. Probably the anxiety over getting a suitable spot was in the back of our minds, so we can now chill out...

Sun, 09 Oct: We've had a busy few days. Thursday was a rainy and cool day, but Sandi took the car to the local Ford dealer to see why the windshield washer wasn't spritzing. We had the pump replaced at the Rapid City Ford Dealer, but it went pear shaped soon thereafter.

The folks in Casa Grande did a good job and had Sandi back on the road within an hour. Found and cleaned a clogged filter. Now, was it a bad pump afterall???

Friday was a gorgeous day, sunny and not at all too warm. We decided to wash the coach as Carpe had several months (and many thousand miles) of accumulated grime. We did the shady (starboard) side and rear first, and then after the sun moved we did the port side. After everything dried off we installed Carpe's tire covers. Since they're a pain to install, we only put those on when we'll be sitting for a while and want to protect the tires from the sun.

After breakfast Saturday we undertook the task of removing all the bugs from Carpe's front. It was not the easiest (or most pleasant) task, but the coach sure looks better (and is probably a few pounds lighter) as a result. We kicked back in the afternoon and did some chores and caught up on our reading.

Today, Sunday, following breakfast we decided to give Carpe Dinkum some TLC. It has been many months since Dinkum got a wash and the accumulation of road grime, bugs, and tar was pretty disgusting. After washing and polishing a 40' coach the car was a piece of cake. After all was clean we removed the tow bar from Dinkum's front. Again, this is something we only do when we'll be sitting a while. And it does lighten the car by 20# or so.

Not sure what's up for the coming week, other than doctor's appointments on Thursday. We're really enjoying kicking back and reacquainting ourselves with our Rovers Roost neighbors.

Sun, 20 Nov: Wow, where has the time flown? We've been so busy that this Journal seems to have taken a back seat. Since our last entry we've managed to visit our local doctors (both in Casa Grande as well as at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale) and dentist. Thus far we've received clean bills of health (our advanced ages considered), although there are more tests/procedures scheduled for the early part of 2012.

We attended the Casa Grande airshow in late October, and also got to see a Union Pacific steam locomotive that visited Casa Grande earlier this week. The Escapee's park is filling up with winter visitors. Among them our friends Ken & Joan Tarkin (arrived the first of November) and Carmen & Domingo Davila (arrived a week later). We've enjoyed meeting and socializing with everyone in the park to the point that we sometimes cherish closing our door and enjoying some "private time".

The weather changed from "summer" (brutally hot) to "fall" (warm days and cool nites). For the past few weeks we've been running the bedroom furnace at nite and used the front furnace to slake the morning chill. Daytime temps in the 70s (sometimes 60s) with cobalt blue skies. Love the desert.

In a bit less than two weeks we'll be heading off to San Diego for our December cruise aboard the Oosterdam. We'll be on board three weeks taking a one week Mexican Riviera cruise and then staying aboard for a two week Hawai`i cruise. The best news of all is that Bobbie & Lee, shipmates (and trivia partners) from our world cruise will be in the next cabin. We are so excited.

Alas, because we must leave the coach for three weeks we'll have to vacate Rover's Roost (new rule prohibits renters from leaving for longer than seven days). We'll pull out on December first for another park at the north end of Casa Grande. It seems like a very nice park and we're looking forward to the change of venue. We'll be there through January when our plans call for us to spend time at Quartzsite. After that, plans are set in Jello.

Thanksgiving is nigh. We'll be celebrating with a pot luck here at the "Roost". This'll be our third Thanksgiving here and we've always enjoyed the great food and great company.

We continue to stay on our diets and our weight has pretty much stabilized at where we want to be. Between the two of us we've lost 70# since last Thanksgiving. We both feel well and are pretty proud of ourselves.

Other news... We are now both licensed "HAMS". We took the Technician (first level) and General (mid level) exams two weeks ago and passed both. Our call signs are KD0PYS (Sandi) and KD0PYT (Bob). Now we can buy more toys!!!

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