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Today we drove the road to Tok. We started our journey with a stop at the grocery store and the liquor store. Then we drove to the spot on the other side of the Valdez Arm where people have been seeing bears fishing. All we saw was piles of dead fish, hundreds of gulls, and some live fish still trying to get to their spawning location.

From there we retraced our tracks as far as Glennallen. We stopped to buy gas there and then we continued north on the Richardson Highway [AK 4]. After about 60 miles we turned northeast onto the Tok Cutoff [AK 1]. Our first stop on that stretch was at the small NPS building at another entrance to the Wrangell-St. Elias NP. We found that the movie shown there was the one we had already seen on Wednesday. We used the restroom and headed onward.

About 15 miles from our destination we saw a rig along the side of the road on a curve partially blocking the travel lane. I stopped to see if I could offer moral support. It was our tail gunner with a blow-out on a fifth-wheel tire. Evelyn helped Pat warn vehicles to slow down and move over. Fortunately there was very little traffic and never one from each direction at the same time. I acted as Terry’s gofer – he did all the heavy work. We got him back on the road and I followed him in to the campground to make sure he made it OK. He had previously blown another tire so he was out $500 for two new tires.

After dinner we had our second dessert social. Everyone had plenty to eat and most people had lots to take home. I tried using a small plate but it didn’t help. I ended up going back and filling it again. It was just too good!

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