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View of San Pedro From N. of Town

Visit to See Maximon, Saintly Image They Come to Get Blessings From

Maximon and Woman Shaman and Local Lighting Candle for Blessings

Case Showing All the Offerings to Maximon

Skeptical Danish Girl w/ Us Watching the Show

Pic in Local Church of Priest Martred by Right Wing Goons During...

Inside Church Dedicated to Martred Priest

Sign and View From Our Balcony

Another View From Our Balcony

Ferry Boat on Lk Atitlan

Coming Into San Pedro Dock

View of Volcano Near San Pedro

View of Volcanos on Way to Santiago on Lk Atitlan

Signs Like This Are Everywhere in San Pedro

90 Degrees From Sign is This View of Church

More Closeup View of Volcanos as We Approach Santiago

Local Fisherman in His Boat

Some Upscale Homes on Lake Shore

Approaching Santiago

Calla Lilies in Market...Very Poplar as Offering in Church

89 Yr Old Don Andreis, Mayan Fellow

Don Andreis and Bon

Don Andreis and Bon, He Wanted to Hold Her Hand!!

Bon Talking w/ Don Elias, 88 yr old Maya (Holding Her Hand...

One of 3 Boats to Santiago...Can You Guess the Other 2 Names?...

One of 4 Volcanos Around Lake...Forground Rocks Women Washing Clothes

Sayings Like This on Walls All Over Town

San Tomas Church in San Pedro...They Were Upgrading 'Plaza' In Front Big...

Calla Lillies Big For Church and Other Ritual Offerings (Esp Weddings as...

Visit to Maximon Deity...Lighting His Cigar and Women Doing Their Rituals

Visit to Maximon Deity...Lighting His Cigar and Women Doing Their Rituals

Before leaving Chichi we wander thru now empty, once busy market streets...amazing the change from stick stalls and crowds to narrow open town center, even 1/2 clean/swept up.

Head for Panajachel & Lake Atitlan lv at 8:45 on bus just half a block from Hotel. Travel all thru mtns...bus to Los Enquentas 1st, then another to Solola and another to Panajachel where we hike to a friend of Mike's in MI but the restaurant is not open and when we knocked it was clear we came on not a good day...he said they would be open next time we are thru Panajachel! Well, that won´t happen since it was quite a hot day and we just needed to get some refreshment. After a short stop at another restaurant where the owner flagged a tuktuk for us, we headed for the boat (now 65q=$8 USea) to San Pedro. Arr 11:30 and walked around ckg ON - lots to choose from but either cheap and no breeze or too pricey. Finally settled on Hotel Casa Lola, girl offered us an upstairs room w/ view reg. 125q but since we stay 2 nights its 100q! We need to wash lots of clothes and having it´s own bath/hot water clinches the deal.

Walking town we find at least 8 Spanish language schools, lots of gringo services...bars,restaurants(Asian,Italian,Indian food),some w/ movies every nite showing Academy Award nominations, internets & markets w/ gringo foods. Also met Don Andreis, an 89 yr old Mayan sitting alongside one of the narrow streets, 9 kids lived entire life here...neat fellow (see pic). End up at Alegre Pub and great stuffed baked potato dinner overlooking the lake and sunset (cloudy tho).


Took the boat/taxi to Santiago Info on Santiago Atitlan & met Calvin (IL) & Elizabeth (Danish) who both went to Xela Spanish ICA school where they met. Shared a tuktuk to see Maximon or San Simon, a wooden figure representing 400 yr old real person according to local guy there. Mainly this idol/god is a mix of Maya, Catholic (Judas), and Spanish conquistador, Pedro de Alvarado. The people worship singing and giving offerings for blessings (see pic).


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxim%C3%B3n" target="_blank">

Also visited church where Father Stanley Francis Rather (Oklahoma) is reveered - martyred in 1981 by right wing death squad which killed him in the church...most likely they were supported by United Fruit Co of US and CIA had a hand in the wars that ravaged the country from 1966 to 1990.

Father Rother Info

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