Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

city centre of Florence with Duomo in background

Gothic Doumo, one of the largest cathedral in the world

we climbed up the tower next to the doumo

the view from the top

loved everything so detailed

Ponte-vecchio bridge, full of jewery shops

lovely deli shop

alleys in Siena

it was quite hilly in Siena

leaning tower of Pisa

We again took a train for about 3 hours to get to Florence, another beautiful and artistic city of Italy famous for its Renaissance culture. It is now August and holiday season in Europe has started. We don’t normally care much about other tourists, but it was so busy in Florence, we thought we were back in Shibuya! There were so many people on the street, it was even hard to walk through. We are also starting to get “church’d out”, now we’ve been so many churches they all started to look same. However we still like to be inside of churches here or temples in Asia somehow, just for the sincere and safe kind of feeling you get there. Florence is a great city to walk around though, through many little alleys that lead you to another square or bridge. We again enjoyed hours of walking everyday. Of course we went in to the museums and saw famous “David” by Michelangelo, but the real beauty of Florence is just architectures in little alleys off the main street.

To get away from touristy crowds, we had a few day trips from Florence to see a bit of the countryside. Just a couple of hours bus ride from Florence, Siena was beautifully preserved medieval walled town full of old brick buildings and churches. For lunch we decided to have some real local Italian food as we were getting sick of fake touristy Italian we’ve been getting in Italy, they are just like fasta pasta in Australia. We found a little Osteria away from the main street. They had no English menu so we knew it wasn’t too touristy. We both just chose a dish not knowing what would be served. Hiro chose well as he received a big bowl of spaghetti with pesto sauce and he really enjoyed it. Lexi, howerever, was served a bowl of chopped up soggy-wet bread with a few tomatoes and celery pieces. We burst into laughter when it was served as it was the day she didn’t want to have anymore bread. It just had no taste, just soggy bread that you feed pigeons with. Anyway she got through half of it and then went down the street for gelato. We also visited the leaning tower of Pisa on another day, and yes it was really on an angle.

Lexi was really happy to buy herself an Italian leather jacket that she wanted for a long time, after trying just around 100 jackets at around 20 shops in unbearable heat. Italians are loud, pushy and tough sellers, but Lexi is much tougher, got a good jacket with a good price, well done.

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