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Cabela's Sporting Goods


Village near Cabela's

Beautiful WV mountains

Fort Frederick along the C&O Canal

the FORT


Route 50 Bay Bridge to Eastern Shore

Vessels on the Chesapeake Bay

More Bay beauty

The Vintner's own

Most of you are accustomed to traveling on vacation time. I recall hurrying from point A to point B in the appropriately calculated time. Normally udgeting travel time allows for increased play time. For us that aspect has changed. We now actually enjoy driving from one location to another, stopping spontaneously to savor whatever we see.

Ohio's picturesque farmland has captured our attention this AM. The sense of increased population seems to give us a crowded feeling along with time constraints. While looking forward to returning to Virginia, we feel this sense of conformity. The unbridled freedom has spoiled us. Thanks for listening-it is therapeutic!

Were you aware of the number of ole tyme drive-in movie theaters remaining in the USA? Three in two days with current showings even. Here come the mountains and there goes the gas mileage! Their beauty is worth it. Having just passed through Wheeling, W.Va via route 250, we'll switch to an interstate. The Big Horne will appreciate that consideration.

Clark Gable's home town of Cadiz, Ohio was both an historic and humble coal mining town. Some locations are difficult to capture in a photo-you just have to be there.

Long time friends of Corky's(I now share their friendship) abide in northern Virginia. Being the gracious souls they are, they allow us to spontaneously drop in. One is assured a fabulous time with "Juan" and his bride. Stories, laughter, good wine fill go 'round and 'round until we are spent.

The wine cellar was the perfect setting for enjoying a glass of the vintner's own. I believe it was especially good due to the careful grape crushing of his 97 year old mother-in-law! Thank you for the hospitality. No, I did not take any photos as the "ole guy" would have to shoot me!

May I recommend Prince William County Parks for a trip to D.C. Visiting the capital city is made so easy by riding the Metro. It takes all the fuss out of this type of excursion. We enjoyed NYC in much the same way. At the end of a touristy day transportation is conveniently available.

The humidity and hot temperature stickily greeted us at Cambridge! Another boat racing week-end for us. The next journal entry will be boat racing from the start/finish line. Stay tuned!

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