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Courthouse Towers, Arches NP, where Thelma and Louise locked the policeman in...

North and South Windows, Arches NP, or the head of a giant...

Double Arch

Shafer Trail Road, Island in the Sky

Shafer Road...see the was along here Thelma and Louise drove off

View from Grand View Point Overlook, Island in the Sky

Mesa Bridge, Island in the Sky

I have a strong sense of my time running out now, I pretty much know what I hope to do with the few days I have left. I don't mind that this trip is coming to an end, as I am looking forward to seeing family and friends again, but there is so much more I would like to do! And when I get home I can start to plan for the next trip! The 'stans of Central Asia? Around West Africa? Japan? Thailand to Borneo? New Zealand and Australia?

This morning I went back to Arches National Park to see the bits I didn't have time to see yesterday, the Double Arch was particularly impressive. I spent the afternoon in Canyonlands National Park, just north of here, or more specifically, on the Island in the Sky, this high mesa overlooking great views that went on forever, basically like a spread out Grand Canyon (again with the Colorado Rover invisible at the bottom). It was a bit overcast though, apparently smoke from the fires in California. There was a great arch, and a very scary track that people were driving on to get down into the canyon. This hideous track continues to what is apparently now known as Thelma and Louise Point - below Dead Horse Point - where they drove off the edge of the Grand Canyon in the movie. I explored in a very slow and relaxed kind of way and came back to Moab relatively early to try and do shopping, which was a failure as I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy! Yet again, no luck getting my tattoo as the tattoo place was shut.

In the evening Paul and I went to the Moab Brewery for dinner and more to drink. Unfortunately they didn't have Polygamy Porter ("so nice, why not have another one"), but they had another guinness substitute. Lager here isn't always easy to get, except for Buttwiper, which I detest. For that matter it can be quite hard to get alcohol in Utah full stop. We had a fun evening, and agreed it was good to have some company on the road.

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