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Display at Lambert's

I am writing this on Sunday evening so I am writing of today’s events instead of writing of the previous day as I usually do.

Because the temperature was supposed to be well below freezing last night, we had disconnected the city water supply. I left the water supply ON however as there was one other RV which uses city water and we were going to the farm around noon yesterday. I would turn the water supply OFF when we returned from the farm.

The problem was that I forgot to turn the water OFF at the supply valve in the Men's Restrrom, until I awakened at 2:30 AM. Yikes! I got out of bed and dressed (sort of) then walked across the road to the restrooms and turned the water off. I then opened the valve on the water supply for our site, to allow the water to drain back down the fill pipe. OK, all is well, but now it is 2:40 AM and I am wide awake. Grrrrr…..

I turned on the water in our RV and discovered that we had used all of the water in our fresh water tank. Grrrrr….. Marilyn had the foresight to fill a jug with fresh city water for our coffee in the morning. The lack of water in our fresh water tank was my own fault so I went back to bed angry with myself.

I did drop off to sleep for awhile before we finally got up around 5:15 AM.

We had our morning coffee and then set to work. We actually left the campground at 7:05 AM, only five minutes later than our hoped for time.

We made really good time, driving 253 miles to the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston, MO, getting 9.8 mpg, and arriving only 4 ½ hours after we left Hannibal.

Great! It would not have been so important that we leave quite as early in the morning except that we were going to drive over to Dexter, MO to visit with Carl & Linda, once we finished setting up here in the campground.

The Campground office was closed when we arrived at 11:40 AM, but there was a sign on the door advising us that the office would open at 1:00 PM. Grrrrr…..

Well, we would not allow that little snag to mess up our day, so we drove about a mile down the road to the famous “Lamberts Café”, the home of the “throwed rolls.”

There was plenty of parking space for our rig and we enjoyed a more than adequate lunch. Marilyn was delighted because she had never been here before. I must admit that both of us took half of our meal back to the RV in little Styrofoam boxes.

Back at the campground, I pulled in to one of the vacant sites and at that time the manager showed up. He said if we liked the site we were in, that we could just stay there. Fine by me!

In about 40 minutes we were all set up with the truck disconnected from the RV. I noticed when I tried to turn on the water that the handle seemed to have nothing connected to it, and of course there was no water. Grrrrr….

I walked over to the office to inquire if there was some other valve to turn on to get water. The lady informed me that the site I was in had no water available. Something is broken! Grrrrr….

All cares went away, however, as we improvised with more hose and connected to the water supply in the adjacent site.

With that done I once again walked over to the office to ask what local TV channels we could get using the antenna. What, no local TV and none available using an antenna!

OK, Cable TV is free, so I hooked up to the excellent cable service and all is well.

I will give you a report on this campground in a later journal entry. I will say that John & Sandy Besselsen are very nice people and keep this campground in good shape. The laundry and bathhouse are squeaky clean. It seems a good place for an overnight stay.

Next on the agenda was a drive over to Dexter, but first I had to fill the truck with Diesel at $2.51 per gallon. That was the lowest price we have seen in a long time.

We arrived at the very beautiful home of Carl & Linda around 3:00 PM. Carl & I had a cold beer and talked over the trip routing and things we would see along the way. We have Walkie-Talkie’s for communication with each other as we travel down the road as a caravan.

We decided to meet each other on the road at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. We’ll communicate by cell phone until we are close together, then use the radio’s.

So today comes to a close. We have had a good day on the road, in spite of my few Grrrr moments.

Tomorrow we travel to Tupelo, MS and we just can’t wait to see what that day has in store.....

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