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Quite a load of recycling.

The front of what used to be Fallow Islet, and we are...

Beef and rice noodles in soup.

Fried beef and noodles.

I did a fair bit of cleaning today. I don't think the place has been cleaned for a while, and I am struggling with the dirt and dust. So, I'll get it more to my liking.

I was going to meet Melrose for dinner around 7pm, so I got a bus in to town, and made Red Dragonfly my first stop. I had a message to say that they had the replacement strap for my handbag. That was easily accomplished, and now I am happy with my purchase. A beautiful new bag for when I come home. I did buy it for here, but it is too nice, so I'll save it up for now!

Melrose and I are going to the old Fallow Islet site, where Greg has told me Bai Cao Tang moved to, so I wandered down the street killing time, as I was running early.

While I waited outside on the footpath, I noticed a lady with a huge load on the back of a motorbike. It would appear that she is recycling, as all the load seemed to be cardboard and other materials that would have a monetary worth. I got one photo, but moved to the other side of the driveway to get a better one, just as she was finishing up her business with a local shop keeper. She was apparently buying the boxes. But she saw me, with my camera ready for a shot, and showed her displeasure very clearly, so I decided that maybe I should be satisfied with what I already had!! Goodness knows what she thought I was going to do with my photos!!

Anyway, I met up with Melrose, only to discover that the restaurant is definitely not Bai Cao Tang, but rather more up-market. In fact it now occupies the space of two former restaurants, and is very nicely done out. The food was nothing special, and the coffee the dearest I have yet come across at 22rmb. That's about $4.50! A bit rich, specially as it was not really very good! But we live and learn.

We had ordered spring rolls, to accompany our rice noodle and beef dishes, but when they came, they were some sort of cooked sushi! It was not too bad, but not very nice. And the beef that was with the noodles was almost like shoe leather, so thst did not go down well at all! I packed up the leftovers to take home for Hugo.

We decided to go for a walk down the night market street, so set off along Jianshe Lu, enjoying browsing and checking out what was happening in the city. The street market seems to not be as busy as I remember, but perhaps it was a quiet night. Melrose bought a couple of tops on the way around. There are some great bargains to be had. I tried on a coat, which I quite liked, but didn't really need, so I left it there!!

By the time we were ready for home, it was a little late for a bus, so I got a taxi home. And when I showed Hugo what I had for him, he was very happy. I am sure he enjoyed his meal, but did not eat the vegetables!

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