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Driving out of KL

Land Rover ready to go in Cameron Highlands

Trumpet Lillys in the background

Tea plantations as far as you can see

The tea "trees" can get up to 300 years old

Pretty valley

Extremely hilly terrain, imagine plucking tea lefs here all day..

Another one of those lovely Land Rovers...

Our cool guide telling us EVERYTHING about tea...


Tea plantation


Landscape in 2000 meter above sea level

Landscape in 2000 meter above sea level

Very close to a carnivorous orchid

Rare orchid

Not an orchid, but this fellow eats insects :-)

Nice group, eh

A white one

Is it eating right now?

It really is eating.. Yummy

Tea factory, here they dry the leafs

Tractor and flowers


Hi and welcome back!

This entry in my online journal is about my short but very interesting stay in Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands. I arrived by "express" bus from Kuala Lumpur, a 4,5 hour journey, with lots of "5 min." stops... In Malaysia 5 min. is the same as: we leave when the driver has been to the "tandas = toilet" and had a smoke. So after about 20 min. we move on..

Finally in Tanah Rata, I checked in at Father's Guesthouse, and treated myself to a single room with a nice bed and private shower / toilet. All in the same room of course. Next day I went on a half-day Land Rover tour to see the tea plantations and experience the highland in general. Best of all was a relatively short hike in the quite dense rain forest in about 2000 meters altitude. Very cool experience because we passed through mostly untouched terrain and had a good guide with tons of knowledge about carnivorous plants :-) Basically my type of trip. YES, I now I'm a sucker for Land Rovers and crazy flowers - so live with it.

Next day I jumped on a Super VIP bus, nothing less, to Penang. We are talking about a regular big bus just with 27 seats. That makes for some serious luxury and tons of space. Very nice when your are stuck inside for 5,5 hours.. Gosh I hate it. Bus travel is very cheap though.

So what next? Well now I'm in Penang, and I actually know two nice girls here, but they have not yet sent me an email and I don't have theirs!! SHIT!

Oh well, I guess I'll hire a moped or a rickshaw or something and go see the sights by myself. (Phoebe, a sweet Aussie I met in Cameron Highlands, have just checked in at my hostel so that might be something...)

Anyway, if you can't stop yourself from sending me an email I want you to know that it's okay. We've all been there.. ;-)



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