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View from our new house

Famous wooden bridge in Lucerne

Famous crying lion in Lucerne - remembering 700 Swiss mercenaries killed trying...

I was very brave and walked along some high battlements for this...

Another day another cloud burst. Drove in pelting rain for part of the trip. The windscreen wipers found it hard to keep up with us. Especially when near a truck as the spray from the tires is most intimidating. (Sorry about the wrong spelling - out of my control really) Then the sun came out as we arrived. Again our host provided lots of food so lunch was easy. Then off to nearby Lucerne. We decided to go by bus as we heard parking is very expensive. Well actually breathing is expensive here. Found a timetable and a bus stop. Spent most of our time looking in the wrong direction for the bus..... Worked that out and then when one came got on it (without looking at the number or destination) excited that there was a bus out here in a little village. Hmmmmm Got on a 62 instead of a 61. A very kind fellow traveler explained this to us so we got off next stop and then got the right one. It was an easy 30 minutes trip.......but $60 return so maybe parking would not be that expensive. Walked around Lucerne and saw the famous sites. There were too many clouds for a boat trip on the lake though. Never mind maybe next year! We sure have had our fair share of rain. But then we heard the news about Orlando. So no complaining.

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