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Carpes at Westworld in Scottsdale

Mon, 05 Sep: A short run...

We normally avoid driving on a major holiday like the plague. Today, the final day of the Labor Day Weekend would normally be no exception to that rule, except that in this case we had to make that exception.

We got things ready for the road and pulled out of our leased lot at the Escapee's RoVer's Roost Cooperative. Once the car was connected and brakes checked Sandi rolled wheels at twenty past nine. We deviated from our "normal" route to Interstate 10 due to construction. That forced us to drive under the Union Pacific tracks on Gila Bend Highway in Casa Grande. The overpass, at 13' 03" is a trifle snug for our 13' 01" high antennae, but we made it without so much as a "tink".

Once on I 10 west toward Phoenix the traffic was heavy but we moved along with no slowdowns (we were probably the slowdown). In Chandler we left the Interstate for Loop 202 and then Loop 101 north. In Scottsdale we exited at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. and arrived at Westworld off the Loop 101 east service road. Today's drive was 64 miles with a fuel economy of 7 mpg.

We located and pulled into our assigned site with no problem. Once we got the 50A power connected and the AC units running we disconnected the car and drove to the office where an envelope with our name on it was waiting for us. It contained all of our parking tags and assorted information about Westworld and Scottsdale.

Westworld is a huge city-owned facility primarily designed for equestrian shows and events. It also has room for RVs and trailers that are available to the general public on a space-available basis. This being off season there was no problem getting a site.

The reason we chose Westworld is that it is about 4½ miles (as the crow flies) from the Mayo Hospital. Bob is scheduled for a procedure that'll require him to be admitted for at least one nite. Being close was a primary and essential factor.

Thu, 08 Sep: Update...

It is now 48 hours since Bob went into surgery at the Mayo Hospital. It has been a stressful two days for both of us, and we're happy that things are looking good for the next three or four days. First thing Tuesday we drove to the Mayo Hospital (about ten to fifteen minutes depending on the traffic lites). He got checked in to the surgical unit at ten and didn't go into the OR till two.

The surgery took 2¾ hours and he was in recovery another 1½ hours. Sandi was able to visit him in recovery and again in his room. The surgery went very well and the surgeons were pleased with the results. Once she was satisfied that Bob was comfortable and well cared for (in Mayo that is to be expected) she drove back home and was very happy that our coach was parked so conveniently close.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Sandi returned to the hospital by seven so both of us were there when the surgeons stopped in. All looked good and Bob was discharged a bit after noon. They docs want to see Bob first thing Monday morning so we opted to stay at Westworld thru the weekend.

Which brings us to today... Bob continues to improve and is experiencing very little discomfort. In fact, he has not had any pain medications since leaving the hospital. The weather is forecast to continue warm with daytime highs in the low hundreds and overnite lows in the seventies. We're comfy in our air conditioned cocoon with Costco, Wally, and lotsa good eating places right nearby.

At this juncture we expect to return to Casa Grande after Bob's Monday morning follow-up. We'll update this as appropriate...

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