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Shrimp fresh from the Gulf

Greek shrimp with orzo and a Shiner Prickly Pear Beer

Winnie decked out for the 4th

Big speckled sea trout at the Bridge Side Marina

Bridge Side Marina

Sunset on Caminada Bay at the Wake Side

Fireworks over Caminada Bay






The fireworks are over

Hope everyone enjoyed family and friends on this Independence Day 2015. It was the 239th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence and the founding of our country. Aside from the picnics, celebrations, and fireworks, this day commemorates the beginning of the journey that America is traveling. Hopefully it will be a long journey. We've been lucky enough over the last 7 years to travel around the country. We've spent the 4th of July at Mt. Rushmore, in Salt Lake City, in the Shenandoah Valley near Charlottesville, and this year on the Louisiana Gulf coast. We're thankful that we have been able to visit 48 of the 50 in Winnie and see how others live and celebrate. Looking forward to visiting other places as long as we are able to.

Our 4th of July dinner was NY strip steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and cheesy broccoli with peppers. I had a left over jalapeño pepper that I used for the cheesy broccoli along with the sweet red peppers that the recipe called for. After cleaning out the veins and seeds in the jalapeño, I made the mistake of touching my eye with my finger before I washed my hands. Immediately it burned like somebody stuck a lit match in it. I had to blindly wash my hands and then my eye. I finally tried some olive oil to see if that would absorb the capsaicin and make it stop burning. I think it worked. While trying to ignore the pain, I had to keep going outside to finish cooking the steak that was on the grill. I will never touch my eye again while cooking. Another lesson learned on this trip. The dinner was good despite the pain.

I watched the fireworks from the Wake Side Marina. After waiting for over an hour I was treated to nearly a solid hour of fireworks. I had a great view of fireworks shows that were on both sides of Caminada Bay. On the north shore a local family puts on a show that rivals some of those that towns put on. The second came from the Bridge Side Marina where they also had a big celebration going on. I thought that it would take me a long time to get out of the parking lot and back to the other end of the island, but the local Sheriff had traffic under control.

After trying to get some fresh Gulf seafood, we finally got some shrimp the other day. They were cheap at $5.79/lb for 10-12 count shrimp right at the dock. I made a Greek recipe with orzo and it was worth the wait. I'm surprised that the only fresh seafood that you can buy on the island are shrimp and crabs. Not sure why fish aren't available unless there is no commercial fin fish fishery based on the island. Sport fishing is king with redfish, speckled trout, and tarpon as the most commonly seen. I guess if I want fish, I'll have to get a fishing pole and catch one myself. Stay tuned.

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