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Carpes at the Grand Rapids (MN) Wal*Mart

Old church dominates Ashland's main drag

Carpe Diem clocked 77k miles during today's drive

Fairlawn Mansion in Superior Wisconsin

Entering Minnesota

Wed, 12 Aug: A nice easy drive (for Sandi that is...)

We had a mostly restful evening at the Bad River Casino east of Ashland Wisconsin. Once up, fed, and Carpe's fresh water tank filled, Bob moved the coach to the dump station. While he tended to that delightful chore Sandi got the car hooked up. Brake and lite tests completed we rolled wheels a few minutes before nine.

As noted in yesterday's entry, there is road construction along this stretch of US 2. Yesterday it ended just east of the casino, but it has moved west so upon entering US 2 we immediately encountered one way flagger controlled traffic. Fortunately, Bob timed it perfectly as we pulled onto the highway right at the tail end of a westbound flow and tagged right along.

Once clear of the construction we continued west to Ashland, and Bob navigated the not too wide streets thru downtown. West of town the highway was a pleasure to drive as we continued west toward the Minnesota border. A few mines east of Superior we stopped to top up our diesel tank and then Bob got to play in the traffic of Superior and then Duluth.

Continuing west on US 2 we arrived at Grand Rapids Minnesota where we pulled into the Wal*Mart a few minutes before one. We got set up, warmed up left overs for lunch, and are now catching up on our computer work. Today's run was an easy 163 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7¾ mpg.

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