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This is it!

sharks, a huge grouper, little fish

female crab is huge

a lookdown fish!

American stingray

Yellow stingray

puzzle hammerhead


lots more here

lunch at the Old Salty Dog - started out as a hot...

blind green seaturtle coming at us

lots of romaine lettuce for the manatees and turtle

bottle nose dolphin

pushing a surfboard

swimming on its back

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Moonshine before training session

12 of us drove up to Sarasota to visit the Mote Aquariom and Laboratory. Joan Rabin used to do research there! this isn't just any aquarium - it takes life care of sea creatures that cannot go back because of health reasons. It's like a bird or mammal sanctuary.

We saw sharks in training (learning behaviors and getting inspected and tested while doing so), mating hermit crabs, baby seahorses, green sea turtles (one of which is blind), manatees, and a dolphin. It was a great day!

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