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Carpes "back home" at RoVer's Roost

US 160 Vista south of Tuba City
The beauty just keeps going...

Monument Valley style formations on US 160

Crossing the Colorado River east of Grand Canyon

US 89 construction

US 89 passes exceed 7,200'
The turbodiesel really earned its keep getting us...

Saguaros along I 17 welcome us back.

Traffic on I 10 in Phoenix

Traffic on I 10 in Phoenix

Sat, 27 Sep: There's no place like home...

... or at least a "home park" that is. We're always home in our RV. But returning to the familiar sights, people, and places in Casa Grande is a nice feeling.

Today's drive was 275 miles from Tuba City to Casa Grande. The drive took us thru some gorgeous scenery along US 160, US 89, I 40, I 17, I 10, and local streets. We started out at 4,919' altitude in Tuba City, climbed to more than 7,200' to cross several mountain passes, and then descended to Casa Grande's 1,338' altitude.

The drive was a bit challenging as a major storm system was moving thru the area with high winds and torrential rain. Fortunately, we missed most of the rain (we got some sprinkles but not enough to turn on the wipers) but the wind was a constant companion. We arrived at RoVer's Roost and got Carpe settled in before a corner of the storm hit. Good timing all around.

We departed Tuba City at 0740 [the time change from Utah (MDT)to Arizona (MST) had us in bed quite early last evening] and arrived in Casa Grande at 1345. We stopped for fuel in Flagstaff where we added 77 gallons of dead dinosaurs to Carpe's tank. Lunch at a rest stop along I 17 near Camp Verde.

We're uncertain how long we'll be here before heading back out. We're waiting to hear from Wes, our RV appliance guy. Hopefully he can check out the fridge LP cooling issue and get us ready to go within the next week or two. Meanwhile, this is a really nice place to be "stuck". Temperatures are not too hot, daytime highs in the nineties which are a far cry from the triple-digit temps this place often sees.

Stay tuned for updates...

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