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We awoke to gray skies and the sound of rain drops on the roof. The rain lasted approximately three minutes, but this was the first precip we have experienced since we left home. We laugh during the weather forecasts, when the meteorologist is reduced to remarking that the winds make pick up a bit or there might be a few clouds here and there. This year the weather has been delightfully predictable - temps in the 70º's and bright blue skies. The low humidity makes the days so clear you can see for miles and miles. This weather makes the planning of outdoor activities so easy. You want to play golf on Thursday? No problem. You can call days ahead to make a tee time and rely on the fact that the playing conditions will be perfect.

But these arid conditions mean that we would never think seriously about moving here full time. Climate change has caused significant drought in the west. Right now California and its lack of water problems are much in the news and it makes me wonder how this will affect much of the produce we eat that comes from the Golden State. And then there are the forest fires. If the water table is non existent and the aquifers continue to drain, there will come a day when this area will be tapped out. Water is a necessity and we will continue to base ourselves in an area that has plenty.

The low humidity means that the temperatures between day and night are quite variable. It is often in the low 40º's when we get up, but it is in the low 70º's by lunch time. That would rarely happen at home and if id did, there would be stormy weather involved. Here if we go out for the day, we bring shoes and sandals, long pants and shorts, T-shirts and jackets. Throughout the course of the day you might need them all.

It has also surprised me that it can be 75º and if I'm in the shade, long pants and long sleeves are quite comfortable, which would not be the case at home. AZ residents always say that the summer temperatures which can rise to 110º are not as hard to bear as you might think. While we try to avoid our winter haunts in the summer, we remember days in Florida of 90º temperatures with 90% humidity where we felt that we could not breathe. Here the danger is that you sweat so hard and it evaporates so quickly, that you can quickly become dehydrated. But you can breathe. No place is perfect. We feel so lucky to be able to follow the good weather wherever it happens to be.

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