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After we got back from Walmart and had lunch it was already 3:30. ,Dick asked if he had time to take a nap. The show we were going to see with our "condo share" tickets was at 9 pm. When he got up and was fully awake we set out for the theater. It felt like we were leaving in the middle of the night and we were hungry. At the theater we picked up our tickets and the meal vouchers. The vouchers were only valid for the same day as the show. 48 minutes to eat . We chose to eat at the Cheeseburger Las Vegas. Three sliders and your choice of fries or onion rings. I ate one with the bun and the other two without the buns on all the lettuce and tomato as a salad . We lost 3 1/2 hours of our lives to Vacation International to swallow ,without chewing , three mini cheeseburgers and fries.

As we entered the theater we were culled from the herd by the usher and taken to seats just four rows from the front. It pays to have a party of two. Of course it also helps not to be drunk, in a group of seven or eight, talking on your cell phone, or being an ass. This show was the history of Vegas with show girls, comics, singers, dancers , and an Orchestra. Very enjoyable but glad we did not pay to see it.

Being out on the strip this late was a new experience. A very different atmosphere than during the day. A lot more poppers. Men and women who hand out strip club cards. People are dressed for clubbing which means there were a lot of breasts on display and women almost crippled by high heels. Not my time of night.

Today we have one week left in Vegas .

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