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On the Bus to the Capital Building

Walking the Halls of the Congressman's office building

In the tunnels leading to the Capital Building

At the visitors center for the Capital Building

The exact center of Washington DC

The Dome of the Capital

Eating at Pizza my Heart

Today an intern from our Congressman's (Mike Thompson) office gave us an exciting tour of the United States capitol building. He took us underground through the tunnels that congressmen and congresswomen use to get to from the capital building. There is even a railroad in there, which is pretty amazing. We saw a famous picture of George Washington used on the dollar bill, and we saw a lot of paintings and sculptures of famous Americans from every state. We also got the chance to sit in on Congress while it was in session. It was pretty intense. We went through a lot of security searches before we were allowed in. We couldn’t even bring our phones in. Afterward we ate lunch at We The Pizza, which was a really good pizza place. Today I learned that Congress meets in the Capitol building rather than the White House.

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