Winter 2011-2012 travel blog

This will be a busy week packing and getting ready for the road.

SUNDAY: Up the hill to church. It is about 20 degrees cooler in Yarnell than it is at North Ranch. I'm amazed at how many attending church as most of the Rvers are gone. Plus we now have 10 – 15 kids in Sunday School. When we first started the only kids were the two belonging to the choir director. They have started a once a month Kids night for fun and games on a Friday night and it seems to be bringing them in. It will be nice to see how that goes over the summer and what happens next fall.

The air was clear as we went to church but as we came out we could smell smoke. On the ride down the hill we could see that the valley was filled with smoke from the big Gladiator Fire. It is about 30 miles east of us and has made the air hazy all week – but this is the first time we have really smelled smoke.

During the afternoon we hibernated in the AC. It is supposed to cool off toward the weekend but be hot most of the week.

The ice cream social is down to one big table and a few at another table this week. About 4 couples said they were leaving in the next couple of days and 4 more (including us) will go next week. So it is getting mighty thin around here.

MONDAY: Back to our walks this morning. (Never on Sunday.) We did about 1.25 miles. It is so beautiful out. We saw several clutches of Gamble's Quail. Some are almost big enough t fly.

I worked on the den and paper work more today. I am bound to get this cleaned up before we leave.

TUESDAY: PT day – and then we thought we would be getting new tires for the pickup. But while we were at lunch, the tire place called and said they hadn't come in. But I got lunch out anyway.

In the afternoon we started moving some of the clothes. I also packed two totes that go under the bed in the MH. They are filled mostly with blankets and sweatshirts and other things if we run into cold weather. We are taking a lot fewer clothes than in previous years. One good outfit, couple pair of levies, 3-4 shorts and then T-shirts. We also have a small suitcase under the bed of rolled up SKP shirts for rallies and the Escapade.

WEDNESDAY: For some reason neither of us felt good today, so we didn't walk. It is supposed to cool down a lot tomorrow and I find we are more and more sensitive to changes in the barometer. Also Ron is on the 2nd week of a change in BP meds and I think that he is getting used to that. When his BP goes down to normal – he seems to get dizzy a bit and that throws him off.

More and more loaded into the MH. Ron has the basement almost all loaded and has put our carving stuff under the bed. I got the table I had for sorting in the den unloaded and it is now in the MH if we need it. It is making the den easier to arrange, too.

THURSDAY: PT day – only one left next week. The tire place called that the tires are in so we went there after PT. It didn't take long at all and we were on the road again. We stopped at the Ford dealership to look at something other than the pickup to use behind the MH. They have 4 hybrids that can be towed 4 down so we got some literature and will check them out. We won't buy before the fall – but wanted to start looking. We want something with 4 doors so we can have people go with us.

It has gotten a lot cooler now and we didn't have to have the AC on at all today. Really nice after the 104+ of earlier this week.

FRIDAY: After our walk today, we were looking at the cacti beside the garage and I was telling Ron which plants I was going to tear out and which I might try to save next Fall, when a huge rat stuck his nose out at us. He might just have been a pack rat – but a rat is a rat. We WILL be getting some De-con from the store.

We defrosted the fridge in the MH today so I can load it up again. I have been cooking from the freezer and making doubles so next week (when all the stuff is in the MH) I can just have leftovers in the house plus the freezer will be almost empty. Having 3 freezers during the winter is great – but I have to consolidate that into 1 RV freezer for the summer.

I think I have all the clothes in the MH now except for the ones I will wash at the last day. The den is cleaned and vacuumed and looks great. The kitchen is a mess – but I will work on it tomorrow.

SATURDAY: Canned goods and other non-perishable foods are moved. I still have to wipe out the fridge before we can start moving cold stuff over.

One of the things that the previous owner did was put hooks in the windows and hang window coverings between the window and the blinds. HOA rules say that the coverings cannot be shiny so the aluminum stuff is out. (That's good because I think that is what helped our back window to blow out on the 5th wheel.) Anyway, she made these coverings out of old white sheets with fiber fill in them. But there was only 3 when we moved into the house. Since we have 6 windows – I was 3 short. Then I remembered the drapes I took out of the bedroom. They were lined and also had fiber fill in between the drape and the lining. Since they were floor length drapes the part that I cut off the bottom can be sewn together and just fits the kitchen window. So now I have coverings for all 6 windows and I was able to finally try out the sewing machine I bought last fall.

I don't have the manual for the sewing machine so I have to look that up on the web. I'm not sure which dials do what and I need to lengthen the stitch. For this it really didn't matter but I don't need bunchy bobbin stitches if I want to sew something nice. I'm hoping to make new drapes for the living and dining room next fall. Plus I would like to do some quilting.

I'm going to put the link to the new journal here so you have a seamless transfer. I will try to post each time we move and/or weekly as we travel this summer.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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