Fallon World Trip 2011 travel blog

Our 1st look at the Colleseum - It's Impressive!

The Trevi Fountain is very fanous

Heather takes a great photo at the Trevi fountain

Piazza del Popolo (Popolo Square) with an Egyptian oberlisk in the centre

Rome, another hot day so enjoyed 'Hop on off' bus viewing all the sights. Oh wow so much to see, loved the Trevi fountain, but so did lots and lots of other tourists! Police were watching everyone but Paul took video of me throwing my coin into the fountain, and apparently according to Paul's info 3000 euros are thrown in EVERY day and it is given to the needy of Rome; so very popular tradition. The Basilica at Trevi impressive too and we enjoyed a quiet moment from the heat to pray for those needy as there are many to be seen in the city, begging (like other big cities). Ok wow the sights are fab, Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon and more we are looking forward to exploring more over the next few days so stay posted. Jared last day in Disney, skyped and tomorrow off the Panama with new friends for 4 weeks, please pray for safe travels he will be home mid August.

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